How to Fix ‘This App Can’t Open’ Error on Windows 10


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Most of the windows users face this common problem “This app can’t open. Contact your system administrator”. Many users have reported that this frustrating problem comes up after a recent windows update. To resolve any issue correctly, it is important to know the cause or the underlying reasons behind the problem. The primary reason behind the “apps won’t open” issue is related to User account control (UAC) settings.
Most of the time you also receive an error message showing;
“This app can’t be activated when UAC is disabled.”
“This app can’t open. (App name) can’t open while User Account Control is turned off.”

Solution to Fix this App Can’t Open Error on Windows 10

By default, user account control is set to prevent the harmful apps to open. Some programs may contain spyware and can cause the potential change to your computer. Sometimes you might think otherwise, and you need to install a program which is getting blocked by UAC. To overcome such situation, you can do following settings that will allow Windows 10 to ask you about the severity of the new program before preventing it from opening.
Step1. Go to “Control panel “and open “security and maintenance”.
Security Maintenance
Step2. Now on the right sidebar, open the Security tab. It will show you the status of various security features. Under the User Account Control, click Change settings.
Change UAC Settings

Step3. Now you will see bar settings from “Never Notify to Always Notify”. Make sure it is not at the bottom level, and it is recommended you keep it in either of the top two levels.
Notify Levels for this app can't open error

Final Words

This is the best, and the correct method to fix can’t open error in Windows 10 since there are many solutions suggested by different people and most of the users have reported that they have damaged their systems beyond repair after following those steps. Be careful in handling your computers and laptops and

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