5 Best Screen Recorder for Android Phone


If you are thinking of recording activities on your android phone such as recording your favorite
games or you want to make a video of your games and upload to youtube, you might also want to record short tutorials some performance test for your apps.

I have listed some apps that will help you do that, with this 5 screen recorder apps you have no worries.

1. Az Screen Recorder 

Az screen recorder offers all basic features of video captures which include the magic button function this allows you to control the recording without been seen in the video, Az screen recorder also offers basic video editing functions it gives you the pleasure of working in an elegant design providing all features for a simple user need.

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen screen recorder is one of the few/less application to capture video screen the application supports android version 4.4 kit-Katt as the minimum requirement no root is required for your phone, mobizen also allows you to record games and app activities you can also edit your video and lots of other things attached.

3. Google Play Games 

This app is highly recommended for smartphone users, with the latest update of google play games you will be able to record your phone screen without installing external software it offers the best video quality the output is between 480p and 720p
How To Use The App
  1. Open Google play game app on your android phone
  2. Go to your installed game
  3. Select your preferred game you want to record and press the record button
  4. Launch the game you have selected

4. Du Recorder

Du screen recorder imposes strong competition, the app provides quick access to the video recording of your smartphone screen without leaving the app in use, it also has advanced features that allow you to decide the quality your video produced, frameset, support sound, all are adjustable to suit your needs.

5. Game Screen Recorder

I can say this is one of the best screen recording apps I have tested as it allows you to record your screen without rooting your phone or installing external software, the game screen recorder is a little bit similar to that of google play games it provides amazing features like adding your own prologue to videos this is a google function for making youtube videos it also allows you to pause while recording, game screen recorder can also be used to boost your games.

How To Use The App

  1. Open the game screen recorder app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the Add button to select the game you want to record you can also select desktop to record your screen.
  3. Launch the added game directly from the game screen recording app and click on the “Rec” button.

This is my top 5 screen recording app for android phones if you think i missed other applications you have tried let me know in the comment box so I can include them in the post update. All applications listed above can be downloaded from the Android play store of your phone.

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  1. I'm an android user, but I have to admit, that I never needed a mobile screen recorder. I will just take a screenshot, and it will be ok. But its always good to know more stuff, so maybe this will come in handy one day

  2. My kids are obsessed with watching other people play Minecraft on youtube. (Now that I know they do it, they're not allowed.) I've always wondered how people make those videos. Now I know! Thanks. Maybe I'll make my own sometime.

  3. This post is exactly what I've been looking for. Screen Recorder apps are necessary when I get a high score in mobile games and want a video to prove I do it on my own. Thanks for your information!


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