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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how I normally hide my files from friends most people do this by downloading security apps like cm locker, vault, app lock e.t.c and these apps are dangerous apps most of them pop up unwanted ads drains your battery increase junk files which make your phone very slow when operating them some of them let your UI ( user interface ) stop responding and restarts unexpectedly some security apps consumes your data with background updates and you won’t notice.
With this simple steps, you can hide your files and stay safe from phone brake down.
Step 1
Make sure you are able to locate your file source and the name of the file you want to hide. how do you locate your file source? it simple if you are to hiding an image file or video file all you have to do is go to your gallery ( your gallery is meant to show all media files on your phone except music files ) click and hold on the file you want to hide for 5 seconds the file will be selected then click on option>>details/properties information about the file will be displayed on your screen like the date created the file location also known as “path” ( which is your source folder ) and the file size.
Step 2
Now that you know where your file is located go to your file manager you can also use a file explorer, if your image/video file is located in your download folder click on your download folder ( mine is located in my screenshot folder )locate the file name or search.
Step 3
If you are able to find your file click and hold for 5 seconds the file will be selected then click on option>>rename
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Step 4
After clicking on the rename a pop up shows with the name of the file and a ( . ) after it for example if my image file is muideensamuel.jpeg all I have to focus on is the .jpeg after the name.
Step 5

You must be wondering why the steps are this much if you have not done this before it hard to understand.

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we are at the final step, hiding your file is like changing the file extension but your file format remains the same you can also rename the file for easy finding. If you are to hide your image file all you have to do is the delete G or any letter from jpeg and click OK a confirmation message shows up immediately

( you are changing the file extension, which may cause the file not to be recognized. Are you sure to do this ?)


then click OK, you can also replace it with  .txt( text file) .exe( windows file) .zip( extractable file) etc.
Getting your file back is as easy as you can ever imagine, go to your file source click and hold on the image for 5 seconds just like you did when you want to hide the file replace the  format with the original one you deleted and your file will be visible  ( image uses.jpeg .png .bmp  .jpg ) ( video uses .mp4 .3gp .mkv)
NOTE Changing the file extension from its original format does not mean it will open unless you change it back to it real format ( example if an image file is .jpg and you decide to change it .txt which is text file your image remains the same when you change it back to .jpg )

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