How To Unlock Your Mtn Fastlink, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel 3G modem


This is how I unlock my newly bought Mtn fast link modem without stress.

When you buy a new 3G internet modem from a service provider, the modem will be locked i.e other networks won’t work when you insert another Sim card different from the carrier network you will be asked to provide your unlock code because it has been locked by the network provider. The unlock code allows you to bypass the mode modem/network dongle for you to be able to use other networks on it.

How To Get Started

You need to get your unlock code, and how do you do that? I will show you how I generated my code.
this can be done with a software called Universal Master Unlocker Master Unlocker is a calculator built to calculate modem serial number and generate the required unlock code which you can input on your Huawei to bypass it locked network.
You can get the master Unlocker software HERE for free installation is not required just download and paste it to your desktop double-click the app and it automatically runs just like your calculator.
At the back of your modem, you will see your IMEI number it’s a 15 digit number (356181043428463) now back to your Universal Mastercode application click on the “Huawei” tap delete the default IMEI on the application and input your IMEI ( the 15 digit you found at the back of your modem) and click on calculate you result immediately display the app with different codes and write-ups copy the unlock code to your clipboard or write it down
Insert the new sim you want to your on your Mtn fast link 3G Huawei modem i.e if you have Mtn sim inside your modem all you need to do is replace it with any of this sims Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.
connect your modem to your pc immediately your Mtn fast-link app is fully loaded on your pc a message will display on your screen requesting for your “UNLOCK CODE” paste/input the code you generated from your Universal master-code and click on the “OK” button
your modem has been successfully unlocked.
How To Configure Your Modem To Make It Work With Other Networks
mtn fastlink
After creating your APN ( below it is the configuration settings ) then click ok. Use the configuration settings below for your preferred network.
Glo Access Point Settings
Profile name: Glo NG
click on static
Apn: gloflat ( no space )
Username: flat
Password: flat
Airtel Access Point Settings
Profile name: Airtel NG
click on static
Username: internet
Password: internet
Mtn Access Point Settings
Profile name: Mtn NG
click on static
Username; web
Password: web
Etisalat( 9mobile ) Access point Settings
Profile name: Etisalat NG
click on static
Username: wap
Password: wap
You are good to go surf any web page of your choice on the internet using any of the above service providers in Nigeria
NOTE: This same process works on any Huawei 3G modem, not just Mtn alone.
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  1. I don't really use 3g modems anymore because i can simply connect to the internet through my phone!

    I am however travelling to asia for holidays where I will need such a device! Thank you for sharing, I've bookmarked this for later!

  2. what a wonderful post, this will be very helpful for newbies. I remember when I was starting to know about this tech. I'm lucky that I have a friend who guided me about it.

  3. Dear samuel,
    Please my modem displays this device has been disconnected or is unavailable.
    it has been blocked permanently, because i have unlocked it more than 10 times.
    please assist me.

    Type: Huawei modem
    Model: E1550
    IMEI NO: 356052042552837

  4. Hello. Thank you so much for the information. I followed the procedure and my WiFi did not connected. The default mifi is Airtel. I’m trying to switch the network. The connector is displaying red instead of green to be connected. I’ll email you the screenshot.
    Thank you.

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