13 Best Google Features You Should Try


Most people use Google on daily basis, we use it to search for solutions, things, checking emails and other kinds of stuff, but there are some cool features you probably don’t know.

On this article, I will share with you some cool Google features that can be useful for you 

13 Google Features You Should Try

1. Google Trends


Google trend is a statistical analysis service based on google serac, this service provides sets of graphs, tables, and data that  will help you understand the terms used in search queries, it’s a protocol tool to optimize your SEO, Google trend examines trends by date and offers top research in the desired category, experienced webmasters use this to develop their subjects with high traffic and it is fairly known to average users.

2.Check Sports Results And Calendar


If you have interest in sports, google will help you find latest spot schedule in no time, it’s a useful trick to quickly find when and where your favorite time will play, all you need to do is enter the team name, competition or league in Google search bar.

3. Google Calculator


Did you know Google can work as a calculator for you? it’s a cool trick if you want to make some calculations on google input your equation and Google will solve it in few seconds, your result appears first in the search result.

4.Google Weather


This is a cool feature by Google, you can now check weather forecast for any location
 for example “Weather Nigeria” 
Google will display all weather condition with seven (7) days forecast

5. Google Alert


Google alert is a tool used to track/monitor keyword on the line of business, for example, if you want to track a particular keyword for your business all you need to do is record the actual keyword you want to follow and when the search engine gets the keyword result you get an email from Google.

6. Check Different Time Zone


You can now use Google to check time in other locations around in the world, it quite simple, just write “Time” and ad your preferred location it could be a city or country and the leave the rest for Google to handle
For example, Time Nigeria.

7. Google Converter


If you want to convert a unit of measures or check the worth or value of money when converted to another currency, Google is there to help you just enter your data and Google will do the conversion.

8. Google Font


Google font is a free font for web users and webmasters it allows you to choose any font size or typeface of your choice to download and it is considered for web developers and designers.

9. Google Sky


Google sky is an entertainment service tool if you are the type that has interest in space, google sky give you the opportunity to explore the stars and sky, it a great ideal for a new experience in Google.

10. Google Drive




Google drive serves as a storage service and online files sharing tool launched by Google in 2012(April)  this tool allows you to create documents, store files, edit and view different file types, you can manage your own files from your Smartphone, tablets or computer by downloading the application.

11. Play Games On Google


If you think of taking a break, Google will offer you some cool games like Pacman, it simple, to do this just type the keyword “Packman” in your search box.

12. Make Google Turns On Itself


This is a funny trick that makes Google do a flip by itself, it really funny just type ” Do a barrel roll” in the search bar and see the magic.

13. Check celebrity Age on Google


If you are doubting about the age of a certain celebrity figure, worry not Google will help you out, just type “Age” followed by the name of the celebrity, for example, Age Rihanna.

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