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I noticed this is one major problem most new B bloggers are facing, I was once a victim too when I came into the blogging sphere.

If you are finding it hard to set up your preferred  custom domain for your blog you are in the right place to learn how to do that, with a step by step guide I will show you how to set up your domain I will be getting a free domain from Freenom also using my test site for practical

Let Get Started

Note: you will need to work on two (2) tabs

Step 1 ( in freenom )
visit and signup/log in after successful login input your  new domain name and click on “Check Availability” either paid or free in this tutorial I selected a free domain

if your domain name is available click on select and checkout to proceed to the next step

follow the necessary steps to completely own your domain like the period of usage ( it advisable to select 12months ) and click on “continue” to proceed with your Review&checkout

Step 2 ( in blogger )
Now that your domain has been registered let put it in use. Log in to your blogger dashboard by the left click on settings>>Basic and click on “+setup third-party URL for your blog”


enter the domain name you just registered including the www prefix and click on save an error message will be displayed with your Host and target links below it.

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Step 3( in Freenom )
On your freenom homepage click on Services>>my domains, your domain list will be displayed click on manage domain in front of the domain you already input on blogger

your domain information will be displayed then click on manage DNS ( leave the active ) go back to your settings page on blogger copy and paste your o
host and target link as seen in the image below and click on “save changes” 

Note: when you click on manage DNS only one record box will be displayed all you have to do is click on add record to make it two and change your “type from A to CNAME” (both of them) before clicking on the save button.

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Step 4 ( in blogger ) 
Wait for 5 minutes then click on save to finalize your setup and you are done. Check out my test site HERE

How To Make Your Blog URL Works Without The “www” Prefix

On your blogger dashboard click on settings>>basic click on edit in front of your custom domain name under it you will see a checkbox click on it to enable your visitors to view your blog without adding “www” to your URL

for example open as

I hope this article is helpful? if you have any question concerning this post or you are finding it hard to set up your domain try and use the comment box send a direct message using the Contact Form show some love by sharing this post with friends. Thanks Buddy ♡

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  1. This is awesome information for any new blogger. A custom domain is so important and should be something you really research before choosing. . is something I am going to have to check out before starting my own blog. Thanks for sharing the information.


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