Essential Tips For Choosing A Domain Name


Choosing a domain name is a virtual decision to make when creating a website for your business, you have to be careful when selecting a domain name for your future website/blog because you can’t change it once its fully purchased
In this article, i will be pointing out 4 essential tips to focus on when choosing a domain name
Your domain name will impact on the success o your business an also makes it easy for users to navigate your site on search engines to help you grow in this business, below are the 4 essential tips for choosing a good domain name.

Make it simple and easy to navigate:
Make sure your domain name is simple and easy to remember also make it short as possible, consider the communication of the name make sure it focuses on what your website/blog is all about this make your users remember your site and make them return when they are in need of something similar in your website/blog.

Make sure your domain name is Unique:
A unique domain name stands out among other domain, before choosing a domain name make sure it unique you can confirm by checking your domain name on search engines and if you get more result similar to your domain name you should try and change it if possible.

Add a keyword to your domain:
Adding keyword to your domain name this as a result promote good SEO for your website/blog, google always look for keyword first in URL’s that is why it is recommended to have keyword in your domain name if only it suits you, for example, if your Niche is about tutorials and blogging tips try and add blogging keyword to your domain if possible

Choosing the right extension for your domain:
There are lots of extensions you can choose for your domain like .net .you .biz .us .com and .org you don’t have to start cracking your brain at this point it is recommended you go with .com because I believe its’ the king o the field and other webmasters do as well, in some cases .com is not a must choice to go with depending on the kind of business or website you run for example if your website represents an organization it is advisable you go with .org  extension or .net but in case other extensions are available you should buy it too,that way you avoid competition on the web
Choosing a good and unique is one important step you need to take when starting a business online because it will surely direct influence on your product/brand make sure to think twice before taking the next step.

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