How To View Saved Password In Mozilla And Chrome


View Saved Password In Mozilla And Chrome With This easy Steps

Welcome to today’s edition, on this tutorial I will be showing you how to view your saved password on Mozilla and Chrome browser.
For those who have lots of accounts with different password or you are the type that always changes password because you are fond of forgetting your password the solution is here, sometimes it kind of frustrating going through security questions and email verifications before you can retrieve your account save yourself from stress, today with this steps you can now view your last used password.
How To View Your Saved Password From Mozilla
To retrieve your password from Mozilla, launch your Mozilla application and click on  Menu ( top right of your browser ) then click on Options
On your options page click on Security/Privacy&security in the right menu then click on Saved Password blow, on the next page that opens click on Saved Logins and all the list o sites with usernames and password will be displayed


To  make your password visible click on Show Password and all the password for every username you have saved will be displayed, you can decide to remove session because of intruders by clicking

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on the remove button or Remove All


How To View Saved Password In Chrome
Retrieving your password on chrome does not require much stress as that of Mozilla with a simple URL you can view your saved password, type the below code in your address bar



All password will appear hidden in a dot format, to make it visible click on More Action button in front of the password you want to view and select details then click on show password your password will be displayed you can also delete session just sessions just like that of Mozilla to keep it safe.


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