How To Add Facebook Live Chat To Blogger With Zotabox


Some of us talk and some of us don’t but you know doesn’t talk to you anymore? your customers, they don’t want to call you or fill out a direct contact form, think about it how do people nowadays communicate. they text, they send photos, carts most people prefer the message.
With zotabox free marketing tool, you can reach your customers and promote your leads for free.

What Is Zotabox?

zotabox is an onsite marketing tool for webmasters and entrepreneurs established in 2013, they offer over 15 high-quality tools all of it in one package, to increase your subscribers and promote sales.
zotabox tools load asynchronously and won’t affect your website/blog load time or speed Read more about zotabox here

Reasons to use Zotabox

Free and paid package
zotabox have paid and free package pending on your budget, I can say 90% of their tools is completely free so if your budget is low I advice you go with them
their tools are compatible with all browsers you have no worries about what platform your tools can be displayed and it does not slow down your site load time.


Zotabox company is a small and committed team to serve you better and help you grow your business, their free tools are free or life.

Free Premium Tools

Stand a chance to use their premium tools free for 14 days and if you really enjoyed it you and pay for it and enjoy lifetime partnership. Also Read:- How To Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger Blog.


Benefit of adding facebook live chat to your blog

As we all know Facebook cannot be put aside when talking about the largest and fast growing social media community around the globe, you can imagine how beneficial it will be for you to instantly chat with your reader/customers through your Facebook fan page, no cost is attached no upgrade is needed it is completely free.

How to get started

Here I will show you a step by step guide to set up facebook live chat for your blog.
to proceed you need a fan page generally known as a facebook page if you have one already all you need is your fan page and if you don’t you can create one here.

Step 1

Go to zotabox homepage to sign up your free account, fill the sign-up form with the required information and click on the sign-up button, you instantly receive a message in your mailbox containing your account details, after you sign up you will be redirected to the next page to continue your integration.


Step 2

On your new page, you will see the list of tools both paid and free, by the left click on “support customers” button you will see contact form and facebook live chat click on explore in front in of facebook live chat.


Step 3— Customize your button

in this section you customize how you want your customers to see your button, follow the instructions in the image below.

when done editing enable your Facebook live chat by clicking on the enable switch in the top bar, a pop up shows up click on “take me there now” Recommended:- See How To Backup Your Facebook Profile.

copy the javascript code you see on the new page you are redirected to paste the code into your blogger template to make your live chat active.
Where To Paste The Code and click on the BACK button to continue.

facebook live chat


Step 4—– in blogger

now log in to your blogger dashboard
by the left click on theme>>Edit HTML in your  template HTML code find this tag </head> for easy   search click on ctrl+f
paste the HTML code you copied right before the opening tag of the of your code, after pasting click on save template to enable the changes you have made.


Step 5—- in zotabox

back to zotabox configuration page click on save button ( located by the top right of your screen ) to finalize your integration you can also use the preview button to how your setting looks like on your site. now go to your site homepage and refresh to see what it looks like.

You have successfully added the facebook live chat to your blog. See How To Setup Facebook Instant Articles

Conclusion:- it as easy as expected make sure to follow the above steps correctly to avoid errors, I can help you out if you come across any difficulties you can reach me using the contact form or better still use my facebook live chat to see how great it works, enjoy more of zotabox by visiting their website, grow your business in a unique way and promote your leads to better your customers.
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