Top 3 Article Type That increase Blog Traffic


Are you tired of writing articles without traffic?
Wondering what article type and the content will boost your traffic, there is some article type that can really unleash your creativity and allows you to provide more value and content to your readers or clients.

in this article, I will share with you three (3) popular articles for blogs that can help you generate more traffic and encourage your visitors/readers to come back for your future publication.


People love to learn new things and also want to do it themselves.
No doubt on this one, this is on type of content/article you find on most blogs just like mine and mostly technical fields where information must be giving to readers in detailed and accessible, on tutorial articles you need to explain to people how to do something they find difficult, introduce a solution and explain it step by step until it end result.
This type of blog post will generate more traffic and help visitors find a solution to problems, probably they will return back when they meet the new problem and need a quick solution and share your solution with friends, this will earn you more backlinks for free. RecommendedTips For Choosing a Good Domain Name


Writing a review article or product review will increase your blog traffic also increase your affiliate earnings, Give your opinion on a service or product, and sharing your recommendations will make customers/interested buyers happy because most of them barely have time to test products themselves, review and product comparison is mostly searched on search engines so people make their choice in reading product and services review article before making their choice/purchase.

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This has become very useful for presenting relevant content, list article has the advantage of presenting  point by point information,I find most blog have at least more than one post list, the list is often more appreciated by the public that seeks concise information but quality to present content organized way,  I also use this type of article on my blog,
Most bloggers don’t like articles like this because they believe the subject has been treated many times on other blogs, it not totally wrong but I consider it one of the most popular articles that generate the most visitors and more sharing

See an example of list article HERE

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