How To Remove Paint Virus From Pc

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Completely remove paint virus from your computer with this easy steps, no third-party software is needed for this task.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is (are) are programs that spread across computers by attaching a copy of itself (them self) to the files on your computer, when you make use of the infected files the virus gets into action.

A virus is harmful and can overwrite files, use up system resources, corrupt data and slow it down in the process, the virus is usually written by programmers for one purpose or the other and most time to cause trouble.

Types of a computer virus.

There are various types of computer virus which I will group into three (3) parts

Main virus that attacks the computer in a peculiar manner
Stealth viruses
Multi-parties viruses
Fast, slow and sparse viruses
Polymorphic viruses
Virus that attack certain areas
File virus
Boot sector
Cluster virus
Other types of virus

Virus Properties

Virus is usually of lower size of 800KB

They are usually of equal size, for example, New folder.exe 800kb paint.exe 800KB

It sometimes hides your original file by renaming it and showing itself as the original file, for example, you have a file named Ucbrowser.exe on your E drive (external drive) if your computer is affected by virus, the virus automatically rename the original file (ucbrowser.exe) on your external drive to vUcbrowser.exe and permanently hide it, now the virus will copy itself with the original name ucbrowser.exe and when you try to execute the file copied by virus, it automatically activates itself on your computer.
Learn How to Create Your Own Run Command
Virus can easily be recognized or spotted by checking the file size, virus files usually have small size they come in KB (kilobytes) and not in MB (megabytes), once you’re sure it virus you can delete it to prevent your computer from infection and if you are not sure you can change the file extension by renaming it, for example, ucbrowser.exe to ucbrowser.txt you can also reserve it anytime.

What is Paint Virus?

Paint virus is similar to that of links and shortcut virus whit little difference, pain virus infects only executable files with (.exe) extension, it simply renames and hides the original executable file adding a V to the beginning of the file name and icon.

For example, you have a file named chrome.exe with the size of 300KB on your computer, the paint virus will rename the chrome.exe to vchrome.exe and the original file will be hidden, a new file with the size of 300KB will the exact name of the original file name and icon and when you try to install the new file with 800KB size your computer get infected automatically

How to remove paint virus from computer

Firstly, power on your computer, start task manager ctrl + alt + del on your task manager window you will see the process running for different programs, there you will also see the process running as paint.exe right click on it and click on End Process. Now go to your control panel, on your control panel window go to folder options, control panel>>folder options>>view>>show hidden files and folders. Then un-thick Hide Protected operating system files.

Now go to my computer, use the search box located by the top right and search for paint.exe all files named as paint.exe in every partition will be displayed except for that of C partition now delete all the files named paint.exe after that search for autorun.inf you will also find it in every partition except C partition and also delete all files named autorun.inf

Thats all, now your computer is paint virus free

How to fix partition icon affected by paint virus

To repair your icon, right click on it then go to properties>>tools>>error checking>>check now>>automatically fix files errors. Be patient for it to finish.

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