Why Does Data Leak Occurs?


Insider threat simply means that there exists a threat from the inner side which you cannot easily identify. This article highlights such threats and how you can restrict data loss with the help of software. This software comes with the name USB Block that prevents all sorts of data threats any keeps you safe at all possible times.

Insider threat, in short, is an employee who is part of the company but does not have good intentions for the company. One way or the other, this employee tries to find ways to get something out of itself by harming the company. It could be anyone like a former employee, a board member (having access to confidential files or folders) and other working individuals.

Not only this, third parties and contractors are not supposed to be trusted as they too may become a source of risk one way or the other.

Why does data leak occur?

There is no single reason for such a problem. There are multiple reasons due to which such occurrence may occur. For example, it could be an employee who is not satisfied with her work environment or other working conditions. Other factors are the motivation of earning more money by stealing such data. These are some of the reasons why employees end up taking advantage of or cannot resist. But is doing such activity really worth it? Is there any appeal in it? Yes, there is. Multiple rogue organizations have offered lofty bonuses, salary packages, and perks to individuals working employees to give up their company’s data and gain something out of it. Some employees who are not treated well consider that they have the utmost right of stealing the data of the company which is quite hard to even think of.

Threats are hard to detect:

It seems impossible for anyone to detect insider threats. Top-level executives usually have some of the access given by the CEO for work-related activities, and they may or may not take advantage out of such situation. Hence, no matter how secure a company considers itself, insider threats will continue to exist no matter what. Although there are chances of eliminating such threats to say one company is entirely safe is nothing but a vague dream which may or may not have consequences in the future.

What other options do we have?

It has been noted that many companies invest millions of dollars in maintaining monitoring activities. Doing so surely promotes the fact that the data of the company stays within the company’s boundary line and does not go beyond the rightful access. But not everyone can afford to spend millions of dollars on such regular monitoring. It’s like either you invested or risk your life’s work. But that’s not all as software that goes by the name USB Block is known for sound data leak prevention. USB Block restricts data leaks from all sources such as USB Drives, CD drives, WI-FI connections and more.This software makes you theft proof and lets you have a complete peace of mind. USB Block is available for free download too at http://www.newsoftwares.net/usb-block/

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