How to Make Money On Pinterest 2018


Welcome to SamTutorials, today I will be sharing  a simple method on how to make money on Pinterest

Little fact you need to know About Pinterest!!
  • 79% are female
  • 58% use Pinterest on a tablet
  • 88% purchase a product they pinned

My Favorite Method from gaining traffic from interest are (parasite SEO and group boards), you can also do rank your pin in Pinterest search and also gain traffic by commenting on viral pins.

In this guide, I will tell you about Pinterest group boards.
Pinterest Group boards are same like Facebook groups where anyone can pin their pictures and share other pins by joining them.

What you need to do to make money on Pinterest:

  1. You need to create a fresh Email with a professional name (girl name preferred because on Pinterest many boards own by women’s so they reply to girl quickly).
  2. Choose a great niche.
  3. Go to and create your account.
    Add icon, add a description and do other stuff to make your profile looks professional
  4. After that go to Google and search for info graphs, pictures, websites related to your niche and pin them on your profile. (This step is because when we mail people for joining boards there first step is our profile visit).
    After when you have setup profile.
  5. Go to pingroupie.comselect your categoryin description typemail” and click on the filter (by doing this you can only get boards which accept new contributors).

You can extract Emails of Group Owners By 2 methods:

  1. Manual:
    Above after you click on the filter, you’ll see many boards. Press “CTRL + U” source page will open, then press “CTRL + F” for search and type “mail us” you’ll get all Emails, Copy them and save in excel file for next steps. Copy emails on all pages by doing the same steps.
  2. Chrome Extension:
    You can install this extension, email extractor from chrome store then simple open pingroupie page, it’ll automatically fetch all emails because when I was doing this, I can’t find any good extension so that’s why I was using this method.

Now, when you have their emails. You need to contact them. I was using a cold email strategy, you can also do that.
Just create a simple but good and attractive email and send it to all of them (the emails you have collected).


Hi, I am (Your Name) was exploring Pinterest for (your niche) and I found that you have got a great group board on it.
it will be of great pleasure if you will allow me to contribute to your board. Now give them your trust using this line or something that give them assurance of trusting you, ‘I promise I’ll follow rules and never ever do spamming’.
You can see my profile (Your Profile link) I always share quality content.
My email: [email protected] and username: (Your Name). Please invite me to your board
Your name.

That’s it send it to all of the emails you collect.
You’ll see many people will reply to your email some of them directly send you an invitation.

Now Monetization Method:

  1. You can create a blog on your niche and simply promote your links (don’t do spamming) and earn from Adsense.
  2. Promote Affiliate/CPA Offers. Pinterest People love to buy from Etsy, so you can also promote your Etsy store for drop shipping. In my views, you can do anything with these boards just use your savvy and Earn.

As You Know Black Friday deals are around the corner so you can promote your Black Friday deals on those boards.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t want to spend time in joining boards you can buy service (board invitation) from Fiverr.


Please if you’re interested in Pinterest, do more research before you start working on it. That’s all about my small guide on how to make money on Pinterest Keep in mind sometimes your first post in board get a boost and people like them and share it on their profiles sometimes it depends on your creativity


Thanks to Prince Daniyal  Founder of ApkBeast

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