What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing network is a part of online marketing where advertisers are matched with appropriate online marketers or companies that will specifically work for them. Each affiliate is rewarded through commission when they send traffic to advertisers’ ads and the visitor makes a purchase signs up for the newsletter.

Facts about Affiliate Marketing Network

  • 38% of marketers call affiliate marketing network one of the top customer acquisition methods.
  • According to Google Trends, between September 2016 and September 2017 search interest in the term “affiliate marketing network” has risen by 30%.
  • 19% of affiliate campaigns promoted fashion products. An affiliate networking platform for sports and outdoor products accounted for 15% and health/ wellness and beauty accounted for 11%.
  • 16% of all online orders are generated through affiliate marketing network.
  • In most affiliate programs less than 10% of affiliates drive 90% of traffic and conversions.
  • Amazon Associates affiliate program is one of the greatest examples of the affiliate networks.

Let’s take a look at four main types of affiliate people who will promote your product and actually makes sales.

1. Bloggers

Affiliates will talk to their audience and promote your products in the way “from their own experience”, sometimes even if they don’t use your product. Also, they use to include a banner on their website and wait until somebody clicks on it and after that, they earn a commission from the sale. Also, they use to promote channels in podcast, website, social media, email, YouTube.

2. Media buyers

They promote their channel in GDN and social media. Marketers who use PPC, SEO, and other paid channels to promote their products.

3. Coupons and review sites

Promotion Channels are website, social media review website. Website interested in discounts for your product and special offers. In this, they can also try to use different coupons on any specialized product so that buyers can buy easily and coupons will attract or change their mind to buy the product.

4. Companies who work in the same market as you do

Promotion channels can be personal up sales to their clients, marketing collaboration and email campaigns. Make your service better than other companies. Try to influence customer so that they will love your company.

The Big Advantage Of Affiliate Marketing 
  • Affiliate marketing network sites are especially for the publisher there can be only advantages. You alone decide how much money you will make online you can put ads in your private blog and hope that friends will bring in a small income or you can do online marketing for your website and reach a wider audience which will, in turn, lead to even more income. There’s huge support for affiliate marketing business. There are so many businesses which run/depends on Amazon affiliate business. For example, Jungle Scout is a product with which you can analyze the Amazon affiliate products in detail. Like this, there are many other products by different companies which runs because of this business.
  • Affiliate marketing network sites is a long-term business model that will take time to build, but once you get there, you will have a residual income like no other. But be aware, once you have stepped into the circle of affiliate marketing and seen first-hand the money you can make streams of income available to those who work diligently.
  • The networks can spend a ton of time on the reporting side because they build it once and it gets used by all the affiliates in all the merchant programs.
  • One of the biggest advantages I have seen is in regards to recruiting.
  • Instagram is great for Health and Lifestyle.
  • Facebook and Google go the same as they have a wide range of products you can promote.
  • YouTube is great for getting a more engaged audience with reviews.

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