4 Importance of Sharing Your Post on Social Media


Regular sharing of your post can increase the amount of traffic your website receives because social media user would visit your website if they find your post engaging and useful. An increase in the traffic to your site would lead to an increase in your blog revenue. In this post, I would explain 4 importance of sharing your post on social media.

Social media signal is one of the metric that search engine use in determine the ranking position of content, post with strong social media signal with average page authority and domain authority will outrank other posts of the same page authority and domain authority because search engine believe that your post is doing well among social media user and because of that the post ranking position would be higher.

4 importance of sharing your post on social media

1. Increase in Blog Visitor

A blog without visitor would lead to the death of the blog because the blog needs visitors to survive. If you are thinking of having your own personal blog, you need to spend a few amounts of money to cover your blog monthly expenses like web hosting, domain name, plugin, theme, an online course.

But what if your blog is not getting the right amount of traffic and there is no chance of recovering your investment. You can drive traffic to your blog by sharing your post regularly on social media, if you understand the strategy that works well for each social media site, you are sure of getting traffic to your blog.

  • Join Pinterest Group Board relevant to your niche and share your pin with this group board. You can use Pingroupie to find Pinterest group board and send a message to the owner of this board. They would send you an invitation if they accept your membership, you can share your pin with this board and follow the group board rules and regulation.
  • Join Facebook group relevant to your niche and share your post regularly to this group. If you become an active member in this group by answering other people question, the group member would trust you and would visit your blog frequently.
  • Build your follower on Twitter and Instagram and share your post to your follower.
  • Reach out to social media influencer to share your post to their follower and in return, your blog traffic would increase. The money they charge depending on the number of their follower and your negotiating skill.

2. Increase Your Ranking Position

Post with a high ranking position in the SERP is guaranteed of a high number of visitor. This is why blogger works hard to increase their ranking position by building high-quality backlink to their post and also increasing the social media signal.

I already explain the benefits that you will get from sharing your post on social media; make sure that your content is filled with images, video, and data to make it worth reading.

When the number of your post is reposted on the social media your social media signal strength would increase, giving the opportunity to outrank other blog posts.

You can install social sharing button on your blog to make it easier for your visitor to share your post to their follower if they like the post.

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3. Increase in Blog Revenue

If you are thinking of recouping the money you spent on your blog and you have monetized your blog by adding an affiliate link, Google Adsense, or sponsored post you need to share your post regularly on social media. The traffic this site drives to your blog can increase your blog revenue.

When negotiating with agent or companies for a sponsored post, your blog traffic plays a major part to determine the pay rate.

An e-commerce site can use social media to increase the amount of money their business generates, with up to 55% of online shopper rely on social media before buying, you can get your prospective customer before they determine what they want to buy. This can lead to an increase in your business revenue.

4. Increase Your Blog Exposure

You can put your blog in front of millions of people for free using social media. By sharing your post regularly you are increasing your blog exposure to social media user and creating an awesome impression about your blog or business.

The benefits that you derive from social media is immense, with the right strategy you can put your post in front of millions of people and increase your blog revenue. The site you choose depends on your choice and you are sure that your blog traffic would increase.

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