The Power of Whiteboard Video Animations


Whiteboard video animations are the intersection of words and video, offering the best of both worlds: detail and clarity of words with the magnetism and power of video.

Many companies are focusing on video animations as an incredibly effective, simple and shareable way to market their brand and inform customers. There are still many, however, those who do not know the whiteboard animations, therefore, in this article us address the question: what are whiteboard video animation and whiteboard animations really work?

The answers can only amaze you.

Peter Lynch, one of the most successful and prominent investors ever lived, said: “Never invest in any plan that cannot be illustrated with a pastel”. If an idea is good, it should be easy to simply illustrate.

But not all great ideas are so simple, especially if you’re a company like, for example, UPS, whose mission is to handle some of the most complex logistics challenges in the business world. As a result, their single most effective marketing tactics took the form of a whiteboard animation campaign.

But it was not the ability of a long-haired boy to draw nimbly, but rather his ability to transform seemingly complex (and boring) concepts into appealing designs that were so easy to understand how interesting they were.

This is because the animated whiteboard presentation should be as simple as the medium. A table, a marker, a narrator, an artist. These simple elements work together to communicate great ideas, great stories, and great products. A whiteboard presentation communicates a great idea in a small amount of time, with drawings that grab people’s attention.

Unlike the UPS, we need the technology miracle a little more modern than dry markers. Through a combination of art, stop-motion video, or software that can recreate the effect, presenters can create whiteboard video animations that have the same effect as a live presentation.

One of the best-known examples is the recent work of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in Great Britain. Their animated video series RSA Animates is an Internet phenomenon that has taken YouTube and has gained millions of views. The videos expressed topics of politics and complex social themes, brilliantly described and communicated thanks to video animations.

Whiteboard video animations

When you consider the power and scope of these examples, it’s easy to see how whiteboard animations can do a great job by communicating your stories, products, and information to your customers in a way they love and share. (Keep in mind that more than a billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day).


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