5 lesser known but brilliant apps for encrypted messaging


Everyone knows about WhatsApp and Viber, and frankly speaking when it comes to big corporations, you cannot trust them. So there are other brilliant encrypted messaging apps that are not owned by famous data-leaking companies.
You might think that passwords and fingerprint ID is enough, but you may not realize that sometimes when you send data through programs like Skype or apps like Facebook, it seems secure but sometimes that is just an illusion.
Recently when Facebook shared private data of its users with a company called Cambridge Analytica, we have become even more conscious about data breaches.
Why then should you take the risk? – Use the following encrypted apps to send your messages and other data forms. They are properly secure.

Who likes a good story behind an outstanding app? – Especially when the story is so great. Line is an app that was developed as a result of Tōhoku earthquake. When all the communication lines were broken down in the tragic earthquake, some Japanese developers came up with an ingenious solution, they developed an app that could use internet instead of radio frequency for communication. \
The app was an instant hit and in 2013 added an end-to-end encryption to its cap of feathers. Line may be little known in Europe, but it has more than 700 million users all over.

2. Telegram
Telegram is considered to be one of the most secure messaging apps in the world. It has got some great features that will make all the security apps look primitive. They have a featured called “Secret Chats”, it gives you features like deleting messages from both ends or send messages that will ‘self-destruct’ in a while.
Also the secret messages can only be accessed by the device you sent-it from. That furthers add to the security and privacy.

3. KakaoTalk
KakaoTalk is a South-Korean based app that is ideal for ‘secret messaging’. It has a specialized feature, much like Telegram that you can enable and protect your messages. It is worth noting however that regular messages are not encrypted. You have to enable the secret messaging feature first.
The app developers claim that more than 90% of Korean smartphone users use their app and there is no denying that the app is very popular in Korea. They also claim that even government agencies are using KakaoTalk. If the government thinks it is secure, then there is little left to say.

4. Signal – Private Messenger
Signal recently received a $50 million investment from the WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton. Why? Because, Signal is a non-profit privacy messaging app that is advocating internet privacy and cyber security rights.
Big companies like WIRED also use and recommend Signal to be used as a secure messaging app. Also, here is the big one: Edward Snowden also recommends this app.

5. Dust
Dust was previously known as Cyber Dust. The biggest selling point of the app is that it does not save your messages and the messages can be deleted from both the sender and receiver end.
The company claims that the messages are so thoroughly encrypted that they are not even accessible to the developers themselves.
Dust is completely free and works on both iOS and Android.

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