The Dilemma of Social Networks and Sales

The Dilemma of Social Networks and Sales

Increasingly increasing, the direction of social networks and the need for the company to use these media, is often displayed as a great opportunity to increase visibility and sales, but in reality it remains without bringing great benefits.

It is true, it increases the need to be in social networks, but it also increases the confusion about which to use, how to use them and what the effective strategies that can be applied may be.

The illusion of visibility

The proposal is only to create visibility, the visual effect is cataloged as essential in online strategies, it seems that the advertising agencies have found the new effective way of proposing new advertising to the client, to create their own visibility on the network.

Visibility per kilo!

The need to be online at any price, has created a considerable business in relation to visibility, so much that “like” and “lead generation” are sold “per kilo” whatever, what makes the difference would be the amount that we acquire and not the quality of the contacts.

Expressly does not mean anything having 100,000 “like” in the “fan page” or procuring an equally extensive “lead generation”, if these are not people who have voluntarily connected to our channels, because they are interested in what we are transmitting or communicating .

Advertising to be visible and where are the sales?

Many marketing experts propose to the companies the increase of the visibility in the social networks, giving by deducted, the increase in electric also of the sales.

But, this is not automatic, there are two important points that are not taken into consideration:

  1. In these moments of advertising saturation, due to the excessive amounts that are proposed in all media, to people, have created an effect of indifference and also, sometimes, repulsion, leading the same. Image advertising campaigns, are a very expensive solution, in that, they should have a constant and massive presence in the media, mostly suitable to benefit large companies, which can afford these types of expenses, meanwhile, they are not a good solution, for the medium and small company, that need very reduced expenses, but with the maximum of effectiveness.
  2. Networks, a means of socialization among people, have developed, in recent years, also as an effective tool to create a communication between the client and the company. Communicate does not mean to project images to the client himself, hoping that he becomes familiar with the promoted products.

It has been defined that the client is tired of supporting his passivity to advertising and, consequently, to the product and that he tends to be a participant in the business activity, expressing his opinions and his evaluations in relation to the product.

This substantial change, the role of the buyer, has established the need to create continuous communication with the customer, to take more into consideration, their demands and their needs, related to the product.

The right address for a company

Before all, we must be aware that today, the only profitable path is that of specialization in a certain sector or niche, especially for small and medium enterprises.

The online-offline marketing is the most effective weapon, to emerge in the specialization itself, therefore, following a consistent edge of Brand-Positioning-Target, we can build our space and develop it in a successful direction.

Social networks, surely do their part, but mainly, and this is what is missing, to create active communication with customers and potential customers, this will allow us to socialize interactively, surrendering “friendly” but with a very specific message for our followers.

The importance of online communication and customer valuation

The focus of a company, should not be visibility, is not the image that will make us sell more, but communication and the ability to entertain our followers, with content that can capture their interest.

The client wants a product because it has a need, eg: I am thirsty I need a beer or a soft drink, I want to go on a trip, I need a destination that I like and so on. Meanwhile, advertising was concerned with conditioning the decisions of the client, today we must worry about satisfying a certain clientele, giving it the maximum in this niche.

It is important to discover the true needs of our client, to be able to satisfy it without any doubt.

The difficulty of creating effective communication

This cannot be created only with the image, this is mainly a communication work, of finished contents, which requires certain capacities.

With pity, there are difficulties to fit all the pieces, to build an effective system that works.

Generally, who knows about sales, does not know much about interactivity, who knows about content, does not know about sales and focuses on creativity, etc.

The reality is that the market lacks people who have sufficient entrepreneurial experience, sales and at the same time content and interactive strategies.

Being a mix of specialties, quite “anomalous”, it is very difficult, to have sufficient preparation, to apply successful strategies, but you have to learn which is the correct trajectory, to be able to demand the demanded parts, something that is not always fulfilled, in how much, most, not having the appropriate knowledge, it is preferred to demand everything, obtaining the scarcity of results.

We are always very clear, that what we say or write, is what earns the confidence of the client and what makes us increase sales, therefore, we cure our contents strategically, orienting them to the demands of customers and potential customers.

Social networks and interactivity, today are the most useful tools, to give success to sales, the pity, is that, even very few know how to teach a small-medium business, how to apply successfully.

Author Bio: Angela is graduated from the college of Sydney and after that she started working with a company called Reinstated Pros who help top open amazon restricted categories approval. In a meantime she manages her own blog namely (electric scooters blog) because Jenny loves travel around the world.

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