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With the growing need to reach people in an effective way, the entire concept of Digital Marketing came into existence. Electronic media can definitely be used to reach a larger crowd when compared to other means of marketing. Digital Marketing spans all the possible means to advertise content using digital media like electronic devices or the Internet. The number of people using the Internet is growing rapidly compared to the last decade, this has been another reason for the growth of Digital Marketing. Especially, the reach of social media in today’s world is very wide, hence, social media marketing under Digital marketing has its own high importance.

Digital Marketing is not an easy title to be mastered. It involves many measures and strategies that need to be analysed and worked upon. In order to learn Digital Marketing, there are many platforms like online courses, MBA Colleges offering Digital Marketing as a course, guidance by a Digital Marketing specialist, etc. But all of these platforms focus on the core elements to be learned in Digital Marketing. Some of the core elements in Digital Marketing are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): For a website to rank higher with respect to a search, it is important to maintain proper web site architecture, get quality indexing from good and popular websites, attain higher domain authority, etc. SEO takes care about performing the above tasks effectively.
  • Content Marketing: Having a good representation for the content is as important as having good content. Attractive brochures, info graphs, online advertisements, etc. are some forms used to market the content.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media is definitely the most happening thing over the Internet. The number people that can be reached through social media is huge. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are used as platforms to gain attention of many communities and then advertise content in the popular communities.
  • Paid Advertisements: The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is another strategy that diverts traffic towards the website through paid ads. Paying websites which are popular to advertise your content can more value to your website. References from other websites can also be obtained in return of useful article.

The growing users of internet and its popularity has a direct effect on the Digital Marketing courses offered. Since quite a large crowd is in need of these courses many colleges offer it as a certificate or full-time course. There are many top websites that offer Digital Marketing as a course for free as well. Some of those websites are:

  • Google Online Marketing – The Google Online Marketing Challenge is one of the top websites that offers free online course for Digital Marketing handling topics like SEO, Social analytics, Online advertising, etc.
  • Wordstream – This website provides an online learning platform called PPC University which focuses more on PPC under Digital Marketing. One can gain ample knowledge about PPC and Digital Marketing under this course.
  • Alison – Providing Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) in various streams is something that brings in more viewers to this website. For the field of Digital Marketing, it offers a diploma course in business which includes topics like Google Analytics, AdWords, and SEO.
  • Udemy – It is again an online website which offers various courses and Digital Marketing is one of them. Video lectures that give information about Google Analytics is one of their effective courses offered under Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing and its rapid growth marks road for taking over many other naive forms of marketing. This definitely leads to growth in the organizations and websites offering courses for Digital Marketing.

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