The Insane Guide on AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing -Which pays better?


Few years ago business was all about making contacts, having connections and dealing with people in the offline world. Fast forwarding few years, things have pretty much changed. Today, online world rules the business market.

An online presence is quite necessary to achieve big with business. It is not even necessary that a business has to have website but a blog works too. With techniques like AdSense and affiliate marketing, earning money online has become really easy.
In fact, with the introduction of AdSense and affiliate marketing, the world of business has totally changed. One of the frequently asked question when it comes to these are, which is better. But this is no battle AdSense vs affiliate marketing. To understand which is better for your business, you will need to know them closely.

What is AdSense?

AdSense or Goggle AdSense as it is commonly known is an online advertising platform where you can place ads and get paid per click or impression by placing these ads on similar websites.
One of the trendiest ways to make money online, all you need is to apply for your AdSense page and wait for approval. With great way to initiate traffic flow to your website or blog, Goggle AdSense is one of the best resource available to earn money from the start of a business.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about selling products belonging to someone else through your blog or website for a commission.
As the name says, it is all about marketing. You advertise a product in your website or blog and get paid every time when someone clicks the ad. There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs that are available.

Taking up one would be the pathway for you to earn money online. By keeping your site active and by promoting niche products, affiliate marketing can be a success for you.

What are the pro’s and con’s?

Google AdSense – Pro’s

You can make money with an impression and if any click happens
It doesn’t require you to be an expert at marketing. Even with a skills of a beginners, you can easily make money.
You don’t really need to choose a specific niche to place ads, it’s just about placing them.
By concentrating on AdSense, you also concentrate on your site, building more traffic.
AdSense is easy to install and use.

Google AdSense – Con’s

AdSense doesn’t help you in making big bucks unless you promote it online.
Your income might just disappear based on the changes in google policies.
Getting an approval for AdSense is a task of its own. If the site contradicts with Google’s terms and conditions, then the site will be terminated.
AdSense is never a solution for a long time business project.
You need to be careful that you don’t overuse the ads and irritate the customers thus losing them.

Affiliate Marketing – Pro’s

You can choose any niche you want and focus on selling products about the niche you are curious about.
The income that you earn is extensive and will help you for years. In fact, you can consider affiliate marketing for a long term commitment.
You can calculate your earnings easily as you know exactly how much you earn.
A vast number of companies offer affiliate marketing. They provide training and workshops thus helping you if you are a beginner to it.
Nobody can ban you or stop you from promoting the ads you wish to promote on.

Affiliate Marketing – Con’s

It is time consuming. You will need to write promotional advertisements, generate mails and even see for promotional products to sell.
A command and knowledge over marketing is necessary to choose best affiliate programs and earn big.
Earning can be made only against the sale and not just by clicking the link.
You need to build a baseline to earn. It is not possible to earn from the very next day.
Some affiliate programs can be strict about the traffic requirement for your website.

Which is better: AdSense or Affiliate marketing?

The question of which is better, AdSense or affiliate marketing is like a puzzle question to be solved. The battle of AdSense vs affiliate marketing often depends on what a person think is better suited for them. However, let us see the advantages of one over the other:

Benefits of Google AdSense over Affiliate Marketing

1. Fastest way to make money

As mentioned, AdSense may not help you earn big bucks but it definitely helps in earning money fast. It is one of the most reliable ways to make money from blogs as much marketing expertise is not required. It is crafted for beginners who are into online marketing

2. No expertise or skills required

Affiliate marketing requires a certain amount of skills and expertise if you want to earn money. However, AdSense becomes a solution to all those who doesn’t have any. Even first time bloggers can quickly make money with an attractive site and a good amount of traffic.

3. No products are required

You don’t need to figure a perfect product to promote on. The niches are handled by google and all you need to do is encourage your visitors to click the ads. Most of the ads would be relevant to your content as well, which improves the chance of the ads being clicked.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing over Google AdSense

1. Make huge amounts even while sleeping

With the right products to promote and a good strategy, you can make money every time someone purchase from your site. Big bucks are assured when it comes to affiliate marketing. You get an idea of how much you can earn as the amount is fixed as compared to AdSense whose pay per click defers from ad to ad.

2. Easy to be approved

One of the main reason why people choose affiliate marketing over AdSense is that it is easy to get approved off. Since many companies offer affiliate marketing, you have more choices than AdSense where Google determines everything. There isn’t a need for high traffic for your site also which means you can create a niche site and concentrate more on selling the products online.

3. You are the boss

Unlike google AdSense that can terminate or suspend your account anytime according to their change in policies, in affiliate marketing you are the leader. No one can tell you what to do and not to do. You choose your niche and do the promotions than being interfered for every move of yours.

Final Word

As a conclusion to AdSense vs affiliate marketing, it depends on what you need is. While some ask on whether they can use both, the suggestion is to concentrate on one. If you plan on running a niche site, then AdSense would work perfectly for you.

However, if you want to create a brand, then affiliate marketing is the best choice. The same applies if your source of income in only you online site. It also depends on your target audience, Blog topic and the traffic.

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