Fix laptop not connecting to WiFi in Windows 10


So your Windows 10 laptop is not being connected to the WiFi?

And you want a quick and easy fix to it?

Well, don’t worry because in this guide we are going to walk you through step by step on how you can easily fix this issue where your laptop is not connecting to your WiFi in Windows 10 computer.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the process šŸ˜‰

Fix 1: Update your WiFi adapters

To implement this, firstly press your Windows key and R simultaneously. And after that, you will open up your “Run” command and there you will type in the following code…


And then press “OK”. After that, you will open up a new tab.

Then click on the drops down menu which says “Network adapters”. All you do now is right click on your network adapter and then click on “Update driver software”.

And once you do that, you will open up another new tab.

After that, you click on the option which says “Browse my computer for driver software”.

And then, you click on this option which says “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

After that, you will have to tick this check box which says “Show compatible hardware”.

So you then you will see a list of drivers which are available. Choose any one of them if you see multiple drivers and then click on “Next”.

Then, you will have installed a new and updated WiFi adapter automatically. And once that is done, you will have hopefully got your WiFi connection back again.

Fix 2: Enable WiFi Adapters

It is pretty common to see the “No internet, secured” message on your desktop when you have disabled your WiFi adapters by mistake.

Disabling your WiFi adapter is a common mistake which Windows users do by mistake. And because of that, they don’t get an internet connection.

And to fix this, simply enable your WiFi adapters back again. To do so, just go through the above steps…

Firstly, click on your WiFi icon located in your taskbar. And then go to “Open Network & Internet Settings”.

Open Network & Internet Settings

After that, click on “Change adapter settings”.

After that, you might see your “WiFi” icon labeled as disabled. All you do now is right click on that and then click on “Enable”.

After that, you will have successfully enabled your disabled WiFi adapters. And have hopefully got your WiFi connection working again.


So these are two easy ways through which you can fix your laptop not connecting to the WiFi in Windows 10.

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