Best Android & iPhone Writing Apps of 2019


The year 2019 has banged the marketers and publisher with a new flair of creativity and zeal to beat the best. Now every enthusiast is facing a fury to surpass his or her competitors in the long run. But what to do with the daily chores or the content errands which you have to run despite having a bigger idea in your time.

If you live through a busy routine, where you are constantly moving and you need the means to channel your energy into something productive- which is writing, you simply have to get your hands on some of the most inspiring apps. You have to install the leading writing apps that can let you unhook the hidden talent and compose successful content anywhere you are.


Evernote is a beautiful note-taking app. It enables you to write down your thoughts whenever you want. Writer normally get inspiration when they are traveling. They watch the busy treat with people, observe the slow movement of the sea or enjoy the subtle flow of cold breeze, and the thoughts come rushing down their head. They get multiple plans to compose their work but due to the lack of resources to memorize those ideas, they get lagged behind. Therefore, the app can let you note down whatever passes through your head.

Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad is the most engaging app, created by leading mobile application development company that you can ever find. Its purple colored interface is totally enchanting. Moreover, the variety of fonts adds more excitement in the content. You can compose whatever type or genre you want to cover. You can avail the various basic features like adding bullets and highlighting text or even reviewing a document while adding comments.

It offers everything that is needed to compose high-quality content. It is available on both Android and IOS. It has not too high subscription charges. Once you sign up to the premium account, you can excess hundreds of beautiful templates.


If you are a research writer and you have to compose, long content then you must install the app, Scrivener. This app has the right features that can assist you in composing fascinating and comprehensive content. It has a number of templates along with features that bring ease in writing. You can change the font and save the file in real time. You can download it or share it across any platform.


Werdsmith is a professional writing app that offers the most reasonable writing packages. You can access the complete range of features via the premium package. The app has a bold and efficient interface that encourages the writers. There is no hindrance to restriction. You can write freely and confidently for as long as you can. You can compose screenplay or even theater art in the font you like and in the format, you prefer.

The unique facility the app offer is that it allows you to upload your work on your online portfolio. You can manage it anytime you want. It encourages writers to compose well-versed content with the facility to highlight errors and mistakes.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the safest app you can install for your blog. No matter how great or bad your blog is, it will get uploaded directly on your Google drive, and you can have a copy of it safe in your drive. In this way, you will be saving files to manage your portfolio and you do not have to take time out to search for different content to maintain your portfolio. Moreover, Google Docs has a great deal of features and options that can assist the writers to unleash their hidden talent.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most common software which every writer is familiar of. A writer composes such many contents on word that he creates a sort of connection of comfort with its interface, and functionality. So, if you can get an app of it in your smartphone, would not it be amazing. You can compose the content whenever you feel like.

Just when a new idea hits your head, you can pour it out. You can compose content the way you compose it on the desktop version. You can write an e-book, script or even a short poem easily. Simply select its premium plan and enjoy the bundle of features.

Wrapping Up

Every single app is utterly professional and has the capability to work well delivering sleek performance. You can choose the app by reviewing their feedback. You can check the reviews and see which app is more suitable for your needs and demands. You can view all the features and see what kind of app will be suitable for your niche or profession.

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