If you are in a phase of rebranding your business, then adding a tagline to it will add more value to the design. It is the most popular and successful changes that a company make in the rebranding process. Its significance is for the fact that a tagline is the clear explanation of the company’s aim, product or service. This is why companies focus to create their logo that has a tagline attached to it. However, it is hard to design a logo with a tagline because I should be necessary for the design to be tie together ensuring a single picture object.

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Businesses usually concerned to connect with a logo designing agency in order to create their advanced logo. Numerous businesses in the world have added taglines in the logos for a better understanding of their brand. These involve McDonald’s, which incorporated its tagline ‘I’m Lovin’ It’. These taglines are so powerful that if they tied up rightly to the design and get to recognize it easily then it can use a sole element to market the brand.

Before adding a slogan to your logo, it is necessary for a brand to critically think over the creation of a creative tagline. A slogan or tagline should have the following characteristics.

  • Keep it short

When you adding tagline with a logo, the main constraint is the space. Therefore, it is necessary to make a tagline that is short with complete information. It is also necessary because people today are in a hurry and they do not wait much for the long texts presented by businesses. Therefore, the shortest the logo is, more people will understand it and keep it recognizable for a longer time.

  • Create a catchy tagline

People are extremely attracted to things that are attractive and catchy. This is why; a tagline should be extremely catchy. It is because an attractive content will gather much more spectators.

  • Precise and relevant information

Relevant information in a tagline is necessary. Make sure your tagline is concise but complete with the required information. It is because the actual meaning of the logo is to create a clear understanding of a brand. Therefore, if a tagline cannot depict the right information than the tagline chosen is a bad choice.

Combining logo and slogan

It is necessary to gather a number of taglines that you think can be a part of your logo. After that use your logo designing tool and start adjusting all the taglines in the logo one by one. However, it is not that simple to just a text to an existing logo. Following are some of the key factor that will help you in adding the tagline in the logo easily. These tips and tricks are helpful for individuals as well as logo designing agency.

  1. Keep your business name at the top so that the audience read it first
  2. After that, add the tagline below the business name to depict the company composition
  3. The font size of tagline should always be smaller than of the business name
  4. Try different layouts of adjustment for the two elements in order to select the finalized one
  5. Other than adding tagline below, you can also add it in between the business name like a sandwich or even it can be settled down at the top of the business name
  6. Either adjust with the text size. Otherwise, add brighter colors to the tagline and in comparison lighter color to the business name. This will neutralize the smaller text effect

Once you add all the requirements in the design, you are now ready to customize the design to font size and color with multiple alterations.

Launching a new logo with tagline

Once you are done with the designing phase. It is time to launch it to the audience. For this, make sure you make a proper post that shows the new picture of a logo with a brief description of new design elements and the need to create it. Add this post to all your marketing platforms like a website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Through this way, you will gather a huge fraction of potential audience and gain their trust. Moreover, launching through a post will help you in understanding and figuring the rate of acceptance. That how much audience is accepting this new logo look and what are their opinion and suggestions?


A logo with a tagline is the best and a comprehensive way to create the right understanding of your brand. Moreover, this is the most attractive and effective way to engage people. Because people are more attracted to simple and understandable things.

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