Top Active Facebook Bloggers Group You Should Join in 2019


We all know Facebook is a meeting point where private and business life collide, which makes it more Important to use in our daily task. With its increase in growth and regular change in their algorithm, it obviously wishes both people and business to connect and engage with the community within a certain topic.

Facebook groups render a supportive community, they are a great place to go with whatever question or problem you’re facing, not only that, you get to know more people facing the same problem as you, get recommendations for products and tools. You can spend some time connecting with other bloggers and promote each other’s work.

In this post I will be sharing with you topmost active and highly engaged Facebook blogger groups you should join.

What do bloggers facebook groups looks like?

Just like forums where members can contribute and ask a question, blogger groups are just like that with a different way of operation.

Each blogger groups on Facebook consist of admins and moderator and are guided with rules and regulations, most bloggers facebook group are meant for promoting blog content why some are for sharing ideas and seeking a solution to blog related problems.

The benefit of joining these groups

Content ideas: if you know a solution to someone’s question in the group, that is a turning point for you to put up something new on your blog covering every single solution to that question and when you share it in the group it turns out to be more helpful to others and more traffic to your content.

Getting help from other bloggers: joining bloggers groups give you the opportunity to seek help from other bloggers in the same niche as yours when problems arise. Get a quick solution to problems and other issues you may come across on your blog

Meeting other bloggers: as I have mentioned earlier, bloggers group is a meeting point, get to know other bloggers and know the blog they operate own

Promote your service/product: get more exposure to your product and services, you can also earn from these groups by selling your service to other bloggers who are in need.

Guest post opportunity: submitting your post on other blogs to get a backlink from them is another benefit you get for joining bloggers groups, you can easily interact with the blog owner and come to an agreement for a lesser price and most bloggers allow free guest posting.

Increase in traffic: Most groups allow engagement threads like a blog to blog visit, blog comment exchange, facebook pages like threads and lots more.

Below are my top Facebook bloggers group of 2019

  1. Bloggers Funda

This is my favorite Asian blogger group on facebook with over 100k active members, you get holds of premium tools for free, themes, plugins and lots, more.

Topic type. Seo, WordPress, WordPress hosting

Active members: 100k+

Founder: Waqas Ahmed

  1. Bloggers supporting each other

This is another awesome blogger group created for the sole purpose of helping each other as bloggers, this group mostly consist of threads by admins and take their rules so serious that you don’t want to mess with them, honesty is 1 thing I learn from this group every participating member has to be honest with each other.

Thread type: blog visit, comment exchange, blog post likes (for WordPress users), blog post sharing, Pinterest repins, facebook page post engagement, youtube video likes, Pinterest follow, social blog sharing, Instagram follows and lots more.

Active members: 29k+

Founder: Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo founder of blogtoolscorner

  1. Boost your blog

Boost Your Blog boasts over 43k active members and is a more open format than the groups above. Instead of daily threads being posted to promote and engage with other users, there are occasional opportunities to share your posts, and questions are welcome anytime on the wall.

Topic type: General

Active members: 43k+

Founder: Unkown

  1. Nigerian SEO and bloggers

Here is a blogger group with the highest population of Nigerian bloggers. The group was created for helping bloggers in the area of blogging and SEO related problems, get access to premium themes and tools for free. Here personal links promotions are not allowed

Topic type: SEO, WordPress, blogger, link building, keyword research ideas, Adsense, etc.

Active members: 2k+

Founder:  Amaefule Chigozie owner of Whatsappdpgirl

  1. The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together]

The blogger’s team is a group for sharing ideas and gaining more experience in blogging with over 3k active experienced bloggers the group is well guided with rules and regulations that are easy to adhere with,  no links promotions are allowed only if necessary, blog promotion threads are only created on Saturdays. All questions are welcome during weekdays and weekend.

Topic Type: blogging related

Active members: 3k+

Founder: Santanu Debnath owner of bloggingjoy.

  1. Guest|blog post paid and exchange

Get paid for accepting guest post on your blog from other bloggers you can as well pay other bloggers to get links from their blogs either paid or free.

Topic type: guest posting and link exchange

Active members: 22k+

Founder: unknown

  1. Like 4 like facebook page.

If you would like to increase your facebook page likes these groups are highly recommended, no serious rules are guiding this group but you will surely get 100% reciprocal on every thread.

Topic type: facebook page like exchange, facebook page reaction and facebook post like and engagement.

Active members:  48k+

Founder: unknown

  1. Blogging networkers

The group is created for meeting other bloggers and boosting your blog post, link promotions are welcomed at all time

Topic Type: General

Active Members: 10k+

Founder: Paige Butler

  1. Shopify Newbies

This is basically meant for e-commerce and Shopify freaks, gain more knowledge about Shopify stores, dropshipping and e-commerce

Topic Type: Dropshipping, Shopify and e-commerce

Active members: 89k+

Founder: unknown

  1. Bloggers promotion

With over 62k members, share your content to group members on a daily and boost your blog traffic. Link promotions, freelancing, and questions are all welcomed in this group.

Topic type: General

Active members: 69k+

Founder: unknown.

WPLeaders – A Hub Of WordPress Leaders

This is a community with the lowest members on this list, with founders of top WordPress blogs and developers, you will surely learn a lot as a beginner in blogging and most especially WordPress

Topic type: WordPress.

Active Members: 125

Founder: Istiak Rayhan owner of Roadtoblogging

other top blogs in this group: BloggingX Themegroove WpDeveloper Blogginglift Bloggingwizard Bloggingindia Rank Math Broadednet

Final words

If you’re just starting out as a blogger here is an opportunity for you to choose the right community that suites you don’t. With no doubt, bloggers  Facebook groups are a solid community/traffic/engagement building tool, a free tool to use at all time.

If you’re in any of the groups I have mentioned above and you have seen the effect please do share your experience in the comment box.

Are you in any group with huge benefit and you will like them to be on this list? Please share it in the comment section, this post is available for an update at any time.

Do share with friends who would like to see this.

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  1. Oh this is a great post thanks for sharing all information and details. I’ll now go and join 2-3 of them ?

  2. I’m only in one group Bloggers supporting each other and I’m glad to be in. I’ll be sure to check out the rest! Thank you for compiling this list!

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