Helpful plugin review: Get Feedbacks on your WordPress Articles


We all love to see good feedback on our post as webmasters or blog owners, just as we enjoy seeing new comments on a blog post. Writing good content that meets your audience need is one major area to focus on to increase your traffic and attract more audience to your blog.

Add a fancy feedback form under your posts or post types and ask your visitors a simple question: Was this helpful?

The plugin gives your readers the ability to vote with a Yes or No. If it is not enough, you can look in your post list to get
an overview of your votes (pros and cons). With the integrated dashboard widget, you only need to login, to find
what you need. Simply change your form theme or add your own CSS in the options.

With the help of helpful plugin, you get to know what your readers think on your post, what to fix and what to add to your content.

How to install Helpful plugin?

Download from the WordPress plugin area.

How to set up the helpful plugin?

After installation and activation

Visit the helpful plugin page on WordPress dashboard

General Settings

on the details tab select how and where you wand the counter to be displayed, you can also scroll down for more options.


choose your preferred style scroll down to add additional CSS


Here you can edit what your readers see after voting


if you are not comfortable with your settings, you can easily reset it here likewise changing your timezone.


Content ideas: with readers feedback on your post you get more ideas to write more on the topic.

Increase readers relationship: your visitors can easily contact you to let you know how they feel about the post or what to add/remove on your content

Enables you to write more: with your readers feedback you get more to add to your article like writing more on a particular solution ( this is really helpful for tutorial bloggers)

Increase in returning visitors to your blog: your relationship with your readers boost their confidence to visit when you publish new posts.

Fast load: the plugin loads after your content so this won’t affect your blog load time.

Full customer support: both on free and paid, customer support is always ready to help at all time.


Limited access to some feature in free


  1. fully changeable texts and questions
  2. disable for users who already voted
  3. simple feedback form after a vote
  4. page, CPT overview statistics
  5. custom post type support
  6. dashboard statistics
  7. custom CSS
  8. 5 themes

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More About The Plugin

The helpful plugin is similar to that of a voting plugin with a different twist, created by pixelbart. Easy, light and compatible with any WordPress theme, loads fast and it flexible.


The plugin is recommended for mostly tech, reviews, howto and tutorial blogger. I am currently using this plugin an I have never encounter any crash issue with it.

With fascinating designs and beautiful looks that looks more attractive, you will surely see a change in your audience and how they interact with you.

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