Key errors that cause data loss


The results of a recent Ontrack study showed that many IT departments are excessively overloaded, which can lead to interruptions and data loss. 77% of respondents mentioned that they were overloaded, so it is not surprising that 84% of companies report that they have experienced data loss due to avoidable errors.

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Here are three of the most common errors that cause data loss in companies:

Lack of time

Lack of time is one of the main causes of data loss. According to the study, one out of every two IT employees does not have enough time to regularly document procedures and processes. However, this behavior can cause long-term fatal errors. It is essential to know what data were stored, where and when. This is especially important if it is necessary to recover the data. If we do not understand exactly what happened, the recovery process can become expensive and complex.

Continue working on an affected server, after data deletion occurs

As soon as someone notices that there is a lack of data on a server, it will be necessary to block and isolate the server directly and freeze the current database. However, this is often not done since the disconnection of a server may involve the interruption of commercial activities. If you continue to use the server, important areas of the server that are necessary for the recovery of lost data will be overwritten. This can cause irreversible data loss. As a result, it is not recommended that companies avoid the costs of having replacement servers, backup copies and enough staff for repairing hard drive.

Data backup processes are outdated

Often, companies have backup copies, but they are outdated. This means that the incorrect data was backed up and that the correct data was lost. According to the study, one in ten IT departments forgets to create or verify their backup copy. Even more worrisome, 21% of companies do not have an emergency plan in case of data loss. If you do not have an emergency plan, it is almost inevitable that permanent data loss will occur.


The three common errors mentioned above are very easy to solve.

  • Make sure that employees have enough time to ensure that the data is being backed up.
  • Never work with an affected server where data has been deleted.
  • Make sure that all backup processes are up to date and that there is an emergency data loss plan.

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