Tips to Submit Your Article to Wikipedia


Wikipedia, by definition, is an encyclopedia which consists of factual information on a diverse range of topics and subjects. It is one of the major websites ranking in the list of top five most visited websites around the Globe. Besides the fact that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, businesses nowadays are using Wikipedia as a marketing platform to attract the audience and boost their visibility in the digital world.

How a brand qualifies to have a Wikipedia page.

  • Wikipedia Requires Inclusion

Your brand must qualify for the Wikipedia article, which means:

  • It must have significant coverage addressing directly to the brand in detail.
  • The outsourced information must be a secondary source, which means it must have a significant presence somewhere other than Wikipedia, which should be present on the internet.
  • It may include published work in all forms of media, no matter the language
  • Must have editorials which care independent of advertising, press releases, autobiography, and subject’s original website.
  • In-Depth Coverage

A couple of mentions or incidental coverage is not enough to have a Wikipedia page. The coverage must be able to provide authentic information which can be used as an external source for the brand’s Wikipedia article. If the in-depth coverage is not considerable, you must add multiple sources as trivial or incidental coverage is not considered as notable for Wikipedia.

Options to Get Your Wikipedia Article Published

If you have multiple authentic sources and more than incidental coverage, your brand may qualify to have a Wikipedia article. However, being eligible to have an article doesn’t mean you can magically have it published on Wikipedia, it has to be written first to be published. There are several options to write a Wikipedia page. You can either ask a Wikipedia community member to write the article for you, hire Wikipedia page creation service to do the job or write it yourself.

  • Doing It Yourself

Wikipedia being an encyclopedia, does not allow people closely associated with the brand to compose an article about the brand. No matter the reason, Wikipedia has an article Wizard which can help you to create a Wikipedia page. However, one thing you must remember while writing the article is that Wikipedia has strict formatting guidelines which a writer must follow to get the article published at Wikipedia.

  • Request Your Article

Wikipedia has a list known as for request articles where you can request the Wikipedia community to compose an article for your brand. However, it is not a suitable option if you are on short deadlines and can’t wait.

  • Hire Wikipedia Page Creation Services

If you require your article written in the specific period of time, and you have a budget to pay services for your article, you can hire services to compose an article abiding by the Wikipedia page creation guidelines.

While there are plenty of companies that you can hire, you need to make sure that they provide you with quality services and a well-composed and researched Wikipedia article so it can be published on Wikipedia.

  • Take Advantage Of Reward Board

If you are on a tight budget, you can always try your luck at Wikipedia’s reward board. It is where people can put up rewards like a specific amount of money or free services on creating a Wikipedia page. You get to pay once you get your article.

This may be a budget-friendly option for you, but you must remember that you will be dealing with an individual. Casualties can happen such as they might not be able to complete the task within the provided time, or quality of the article may vary or not be able to meet the community standard only to get deleted later.

Every aspect of creating a Wikipedia page has its benefits and drawbacks which you need to consider for the best results. Choose the services you think are the best and boost online visibility and sales of your business.

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