Digital Marketing 101: What Every Marketer Must Know


Hey You! Are you looking for more traffic to your website or online business?

In today’s time, we have a solution to almost everything, no matter what. It is just the way how you approach them.

Every marketer is always worried about one common thing that how he could reach to their customers. Now, there are many ways to do that, like advertisement on T.V and internet. But, do you really think that it is everyone’s cup of tea? No, It is not. What about those who are just beginners and want to spread their business at a low cost?

If we advertise on T.V then we have to pay for every minute our ad shows on the T.V.

What is the other option then?

Digital Marketing is the solution to that! It refers to the process of advertising our product or anything smartly with the help of digitalization.

You may have seen many times that when you saw something ex. A pair of shoes on any website then at every social platform the ads related to that website shown on your screen. Isn’t that fantastic? They know what we are searching for! It is because we permit them at the time of login.

This is all Digital Marketing…

Now the point, you are only paying for the interesting viewers that save your money a lot.

One important thing to note here that for the marketer, not only the tangible things are the product. The definition of a product for them is different. For them, all the goods, services, experiences, persons, events, places, properties, organizations, information and ideas are considered as the products. Marketers consider all of them as a potential product.

Hence, in digital marketing, they focus on these things, so that they could reach to larger masses.

Some basic tools for the digital marketing:


1. Buffer: It allows us to access and manage the Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter accounts from a single control panel. For the three social networks, you can schedule your posts to maintain faultlessness throughout the updates.

2. Commun.It. : This tool is especially to manage your Twitter account so that you can track your active followers and answer to the questions sent by other Twitter users. It gives you each and every report related to your account.

3. Hootsuite: This is a very straightforward tool that helps to manage your social networking accounts on the Twitter and Facebook.


1. Scoop It: This tool is very useful in saving the website content like articles and images so that you can share them on your social networking sites. You can also save the content URL for later use.

2. Storify: It is the same as the Scop It tool. It saves the content for the future use and with the time it finds that content according to your topic.

3. Google Reader: This is an RSS feed reader tool. It regularly checks the updated content and blogs on your favorite sites.

4. Topsy: Topsy is a very useful tool if you want to know the latest trends and topics related to your business, related products, and competitors.


1. Facebook Insight: This tool tells you about the growth of your Facebook page and the impact of your post. It helps you to a better understanding of your fans and the areas of your campaign that needs improvement.

The reason, why digital marketing is important to your business is:

No matter what kind of business you own, today’s consumers are connected to the web 24/7. We are thankful for devices like smartphones and tablets. These Electronic devices are the very first thing that mostly used by the adults in the morning, and also the very last thing before sleep.

The Website is the core thing for the Digital Marketing, but it should need these things to be successful:

1. It Needs to be so fast: It is true that not everyone is busy, but no one has time in today’s time, if your website works slowly then your customers will click back button immediately.

2. It needs to be secure: Your website should be HTTPS not HTTP. The modern consumer is informed. There is one side effect of this as they’re much more aware of the causes of visiting an unsecured website. In the year 2016, the number of data split into the United States constitutes to 1,093 with close to 36.6 million. Every website asks for the user’s personal information which should be totally secure. No matter if there is only one blog on your website with no contact, it should be secure because it is the main search ranking factor.

3. It needs to be mobile friendly: The app of your website should also available on the play store so that the user can easily access through their smartphones as not everyone uses the laptop or PC all the time. It is said by the experts that by 2020 at least 30% of the searches will happen without a screen.

4. website Should be good looking easy to access: If your website looks good and attractive, more traffic will approach to you.

Key Components: Contact info. In the upper right corner, clear call to action, clear navigation.

5. It needs to be Optimized for SEO: Your website should be easy to find on the internet. As there are many other websites also, hence your website should rank good and it all will possible through the SEO.

In a nutshell, every marketer should be up to date about the various technologies related to the digital marketing. He should analyze the date on a regular basis so that he could keep an eye on the areas where the website going low.

SEO is the most important tool of Digital Marketing, it is said that it is the engine of Digital Marketing. It is responsible for the higher rank for your website. It makes the website top ranked on the search engine

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