How Instagram Stories Can Grow Your Business In 2019

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Are you finding it hard to grow your business through Instagram and get more reach on your Instagram stories? here is the solution to help you out, in this post I have detailed everything you need to help you boost your Instagram sales.

When you think about a digital agency, the first thing that comes to your mind is that this is a business which advertises fully online. Unlike traditional ad agencies, where the mediums of choice are TV, radio, newspapers, etc., digital advertisers have a single venue and that is the internet.

However, the internet is a multifaceted medium. Digital agencies offer a variety of services including website design, SEO, social media, etc. The latter category has become so strong in the 2010s that there are separate social media professionals as well—and you’ll have no trouble finding a social media agency in Dubai.

However, before we come to the part on how you can optimize social media to the fullest in 2019, we must first look at the different types of content available on the internet. When you first hear about the word content, you automatically assume it to be text. In internet usage, content encompasses a multitude of different categories.

Different Types of Content on the Internet


This adheres to the earliest meaning of the word content. Text-based content is itself divided into numerous subcategories on the internet including, but not limited to, webpage articles, blog posts, and status updates. Even if you’re publishing content such as pictures and videos, the text will nevertheless be utilized alongside them. For example, if you’re uploading a video on YouTube, your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy would be to input keywords (in YouTube language that means tags). Thus, text is the most universal of all content types as it serves as a prerequisite to all other types of content.


Pictures are more eye-catching than text. Facebook often suggests attaching images to textual posts as these will garner more clicks in the long term. Picture-based content is flexible as it can contain text itself, and is also used as thumbnails in YouTube videos. Images have become so popular in the 2010s that we have two major social media channels which rely mostly on pictorial content namely Pinterest and Instagram.
Audio: Although audio is used mainly in videos, it is also used in a variety of other media, such as internet-based radio stations, podcasts, etc. To make the most out of audio-based content, make sure to use proper recording equipment.


It comes as no surprise that this category is one of the most popular types of content in the 21st century. Alexa constantly ranks YouTube as its Top 5 most visited sites worldwide. Twitch is another streaming platform which caters solely to gaming videos. Even those popular social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, have individual segments for video-based content, namely Facebook Video and Instagram Stories.

This feature allows registered users to publish moving images embedded with stickers and text, which will vanish after a period of 24 hours. Marketers are concerned with the question of whether or not to utilize Instagram Stories or simply post on Instagram. Well, 400 million users post on Instagram Stories on a daily basis. These posts are interactive. Despite these posts fading away swiftly, their results are often fruitful for businesses.

How Instagram Stories Can Grow Your Business In 2019

Engaging Content

What separates social media from all other forms of digital advertising? It’s more interactive and humanlike in its dealings with others. Suppose you launch a website with contact info. Even if your website is garnering quite a lot of views, people might not bother to contact you seeing that your site is lacking a social media channel.

Thus, with Instagram Stories, the more fun and engaging content you post, the more humanistic you appear to viewers. So, instead of interacting with potential customers in a robotic way, they are better able to relate to your firm due to your humanlike persona.

Raise Brand Loyalty

Having a popular social media channel is one achievement but having followers who convert into customers is a different milestone. Use Instagram Stories not only to create fun content but also to share insights about your business. These could range from employee interviews to behind-the-scenes footage. Akin to the last point, this allows you to create more interactive content, leading not only to more followers but also returning customers.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how recognizable you are to customers. Some brands are so famous that they become synonyms for standard terms. Examples include Nike and Adidas for sportswear, Facebook and Twitter for social media, Google and Bing for search engines, etc. In order to raise awareness for your brand, you should aim to create appropriate Instagram Stories. One method is to share other users’ Stories and content in which you were directly or indirectly referenced. Another is to promote as much of yourself via Stories as you can whether it be to advertise your events, interviews, etc. By including your logo at the end of each post, it has a higher chance of remaining in viewers’ minds in the end.

Invest in Audience-Building

Having a following online is quite separate from having a following offline. Meaning that if this is your first time investing in a social media channel, you should know what works and what doesn’t. Simply posting content isn’t enough. You should use keywords in the form of hashtags. You should also research hashtags which are the most relevant to what you are posting. Hence, more followers will lead to more customers in the long run.

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