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Google is considered as the highly used search engine with an average share of 74.54% users, followed by Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. From the statistics, you can see that only if you cover Google searches, you can reach to more than half of your targeted audience and that ca double your profits too. That’s why ranking your online business on Google pages is considered as one of the best ways to grow your business.
At Rankraft you get the best in industry SEO, Social media marketing services, that help your business grow on search engines.

Rankraft is known as a digital marketing services agency that bridges the gap between your business and its online presence. They cover all the demanding and latest digital platform activities to rank your website.

How could your website rank on Google?

The website ranks on search engine pages when search robots find out that the website contains exact information which users are looking for. For example, if you have a dental clinic in London and your website contains all the information about your clinic and its place in well mannered, then people looking up for same information will be shown your website first. By this way, Google robot comes to know about your business and what type of Google search queries are needed to reach to your website. The more the engagement time between you and your website the more easily your website ranks.

How Rankraft ranks build your online Presence on Google?

To rank on Google or any search engine pages, you need to have proper SEO settings. One thing to remember here is, the website cannot be ranked in a day or two. It takes almost 3 to 4 month to one year that too if you follow the SEO activities on a daily basis. That means, daily you need to do something for a website on online platforms.

There are 3 types of SEO

1) White Hat SEO
2) Black Hat SEO
3) Grey Hat SEO

Among these white hat SEO is considered as more secured one that follows all the Google algorithm protocols. Rankraft uses the same for your online business. They do not entertain black and grey hat SEO activities. And this is why the results you get from Rankraft marketing stay at higher order for a longer time.

SEO services from Rankraft are:

1. Professional SEO:

Professional SEO service helps your business to create its presence in the wide network.
It increases the traffic to your website, increases brand visibility, generates leads and sales from your website and helps to convert website visitors to customers. That means professional SEO is a great source to generate leads from carrying out the in-house activities. So that less amount of efforts need to be taken to work on field sales.
There are different and affordable plans that cover the following:

(i) Starter plan:

• It covers 5 targeted keywords
• 6 Optimized Web Pages
• Code optimization

(ii) Visibility plan: visibility plan offers

• 15 targeted key phrases
• 10 optimized web pages
• Code optimization

(iii) Performance plan: performance plan offers

• 30 targeted key phrases
• 15 optimized web pages
• Code optimization

(iv) Booster plan: booster plan offers

• 60 targeted key phrases
• 20 optimized web pages
• Code optimization

From these plans, you can observe that you get a versatile range of plans and for any more customization you can reach to their executives.

2. Website SEO Audit

The website SEO audit is done to find out where exactly your website stands. This enables you to find out if your website contains any duplicate content, broken links, spam information, etc. It provides detailed information about your website and its ranking in search engine results. So that the next strategies can be planned according to the results occurred in the audit.

In a website SEO audit, you get to know the reasons behind the poor website performance, the potential, and quality of the website and the performance of the website. That is why auditing is important to know where your online business is and where it needs to be taken.

3. On-Page SEO

One of the important factors of digital marketing is setting on-page SEO for the website. In on-page SEO the services, content is matched with keywords in a user-friendly manner. It undertakes all the technical aspects into consideration, right from the website’s text and visual content, quality of your code, it’s user-friendliness to the keyword placements, H1 tags, keywords in titles, setting up meta description, etc. On-page SEO should never be ignored if you want your website to rank on Google pages.

Some of the services under SEO are:

(i) Page title formatting
(ii) Finding out missing titles and descriptions
(iii) Finding duplicate content and fixing it
(iv) Keyword analysis
(v) Competitor analysis
(vi) Keyword selection
And more.

4. SEO Link building

Link building is the toughest part of SEO, where your website must get valuable and quality backlinks from other trustworthy websites. Rankraft takes the responsibility of building good quality links so that the website can be ranked in Google.
All these factors regarding SEO are vital and effective to rank a website. But apart from these, Rankraft also considers other social media and content related services that help you to reach out to a large audience and grab their attention. You can definitely try some or all of these services, I would suggest you contact Rankraft and get your customized plans ready from them.


Ranking on Google pages needs regular efforts with continuous working on different tasks on a daily basis. After switching to Rankraft I can see the growth in my online business and hope you too will get the desired results.

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