The Simple Question That Will Help You Land Freelance Ghostwriter Gigs


It is unlikely to find a good ghostwriting job on LinkedIn or any other digital hub for a regular person to get a job from. Getting a ghostwriting job might take some legwork, but there are several things that you can do to get noticed and published. 


Ghostwriting is some of the most rewarding jobs for a freelancer. It is true that you don’t get the credit of the work that you put in the book, but it can still be an interesting and profitable career for an individual. 


There is no doubt in saying that there are big hurdles in the way to land these jobs which are not without their limitation. You might wonder if risking a career for this worth it? Alternatively, what do you get in return for it? 


As said above, ghostwriting is a rewarding job. It can ensure regular income, especially if you land up with renowned publishers providing best ghost writing service to their regular writers and authors. Moreover, ghostwriting can get you to step in to new industries and to write genres through writing various forms of content. All that you require is experience in writing and good vocabulary to start with. 


Most importantly, ghostwriting means anonymous writing. You don’t always need to be worried about writing what the audience likes to read. Apart from that, it has a lot of benefits to offer to a writer. 


To land contracts to ghostwrite you need to consider the following things: 


Getting into the minds of the experts 


Being a ghostwriter means to be able to mimic the voice of your clients. Getting into the mind of the person means to capture their voice, personality, and style of conversation to be able to tell their story in the way they want. So instead of tapping into different industries for ghostwriting projects, look into your network and industry to get clients. 


Consider your genre of writing


What kind of book can you write? This is one of the simple questions that you need to understand to be able to work effectively. The genre of the book that you are hired for matters in terms of the vocabulary you use to write the content. Most importantly, it can affect your writing style. Being a writer, you must remember that every genre has its own writing style and format, which can disturb the way you write. This is why it is necessary for a ghostwriter to work according to the genre they can work best. Fiction or non-fiction, you might be able to write both, but you must know your strength in writing to become successful. 


Why do people need to hire ghostwriters?


When an individual hires a ghostwriter for their book, there are three main reasons behind it: 


  • They have a good story or idea to work on 
  • They don’t have the expertise to write a book
  • They don’t have the time to complete their book 


These three reasons can lead you to your potential client. However, before you close the deal with your client, you must understand whom you are writing for. The audience has a big role to play in the success of the ghostwriter. The audience tells you how good or bad you are at writing. Knowing the audience can lead you to get better at writing and adopting the language that is best understood by the readers. For example, a ghostwriter who is hired for editing a children’s book by a renowned publishing firm. The vocabulary and tone of writing you use in editing the work can affect the readability of the book, which can ultimately lead to your failure. 


Know the budget of the client


There is a lot of variation in the market or ghostwriters. It is true that ghostwriting does pay really well on different projects. You must consider what your client is willing to pay you for the work that you do. Copyright and publications have a good role to play in the budget of your services. Ghostwriting services can vary from $500 to $10000 and more. How you get paid for your services can vary too. You can take fifty percent at the start and fifty after submitting the final draft. Or you can take as per the delivery of work. For example, if you submitted about twenty-five percent of work, you can ask for the payments in the same percent. 




Like most freelancing jobs. Ghostwriting is also about getting known as a ghostwriter and digging work through posting and communicating with other writers. You can always look for work on sites such as UpWork or Fiverr and assembling an attractive freelancing writing package with a persuasive portfolio and re

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