12 Smartphone Apps for Readers & Writers in 2019


Communicated below are some of the best smartphone applications that serves the best platform for readers and writers.

Mobile Apps for Readers

Mobile applications are nowadays providing infinite ease for every people and so that the mobile development industry of the world has also succeeded in providing comfort for the book lovers as well. Every android and iPhone application developer working in this industry ensures that the user experience of the bookworms could be enhanced in every possible way. Some of the best reading apps include the following.

  1. Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the most amazing mobile application for people who are fond of reading. It allows the people to get access to the amazing collection of the books to read and also give them a platform to write short stories as well.

  1. Goodreads

Goodreads is another best place that you could access from the smartphones and start reading any book you wish on the go. It is also a social networking application that most of the book lovers enjoy in their leisure time.

  1. Inkitt

Inkitt is a spectacular mobile phone application that has been specially created for the fiction story lovers. It covers all of the fiction genres of the books that include fantasy, sci-fi, romance, horror, drama, and rest as well.

  1. Serial Reader

Serial Reader is designed specifically for readers to make the reading a lot much easier. It is there to help the newbies and passionate readers to get their hands on all the books that they want to read.

Mobile Apps for Writers

Mobile app development industries are not only providing ease for the readers, but every android and iPhone application developer working in this area are also putting their efforts into launching best applications for writers as well. Some of these amazing apps are also discussed below.

  1. iWriter

One of the best application for the writers to practice their writing skills and write contents, essays, and even stories is iWriter. It provides a very satisfactory platform for the writers to enjoy writing and even allows them to take detailed notes.

  1. JotterPad

JotterPad makes it more comfortable for the writers to edit the copies that are in PDF format. It helps them to convert the PDF file into Word file and a few of the other popular formats as well.

  1. Final Draft Writer

If anyone is interested in writing the screenplays, then Final Draft is the best smartphone application for them as it provides a very convenient set up for the writers to write and edit the manuscripts.

  1. WriterRoom

If anyone is in search of the distraction-free text editor, then WriterRoom is the perfect mobile phone application for them to download and carry on with their writing work. This amazing application also allows the users to sync note across other devices as well.

Mobile Apps for Journal Writers

People who love to read and write are not only restricted to book reading and writing, but there are some people who are very much habitual of maintaining journals as well as part of their hobby. For such people, there are also some amazing apps that are discussed below.

  1. Journey

The journey is such a beautiful application that serves the best platform for the people who are interested in maintaining the journal and keep a record of their daily life. It could also detect the location and weather of your live location and save it as a memory for that day’s entry.

  1. Penzu

Although Penzu’s free version offers only basic features for the users, in spite of that, it is loved and adored by many people across the globe. The basic version of this application includes a single journal, password protection, and as well as setting reminders.

  1. Daylio

If anyone is interested in making long entries for their day in a digital journal, then Daylio is the perfect platform for them to enjoy writing a diary. It allows the users to set up the reminders, secures the application with password protection, chooses a mood for the entry, and as well as creates the backup on Google.

  1. Moment Diary

Moment Diary is one of the best journal mobile phone application that offers users with a number of customization options. Users cannot only make the entries in the digital diary, but they could also change the colors, date and font colors, add a background image, change the different skins, and so much more.

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