Google taking action against Android Apps with Deceptive or Disruptive Ads

Google taking action against Android Apps with Deceptive or Disruptive Ads

Google has been acting out quite strictly by removing the Android apps that contain any kind of deceptive or disruptive advertisements. At present this is the third time within a few months that Google has removed quite a number of the apps specifically of a leading Chinese mobile app developer. As it was continuously disregarding their policy of endorsing ads that possible could either be disruptive or deceptive for the users indulging in the app.

As a result, the company iHandy has encountered a major blow from google as they went on to remove their apps for mostly breaching polices. Google mass removed apps of the Chinese developer for their violations. Even two extremely popular apps of iHandy had to face the consequence of being removed from the Play Store as Google had included it as a policy-violating app.

It may seem that iHandy in particularly was targeted by google which is not true though it was widely affected the most. The effectiveness came to the limelight to such an extent since both entities are largely recognized. In the past week, google drastically had removed precisely 46 apps from the Play Store that were developed by iHnady. During the initial stage, Google refused to provide any insight or comment on the actions that it took.

Very recently Google had started to provide statements and even the reasons why they had removed various apps. The reason that they claimed for removing them was that the apps were encountered to project advertisements that were distractive and deceptive. Further, they also said that the mobile apps that were eliminated were disregarding policies that were created for Google Play Developers so that they can deliver a reliable and the best experience for their users.

A spokesperson from Google confirmed that “The policies are clear and we (Google) explicitly prohibit deceptive or disruptive ads and in case of any violations that are encountered, we will take action”. As this statement was released app development companies in Dallas, California and all across the United States, effectively commenced to reevaluate and ensure that their apps were following each compliance provide by Google.

“iHandy” is an app development company that originated in Beijing. Earlier this year the company had filed few documents in order to be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company took these measures as it claims to be one of the world’s largest mobile app developers since it has been able to achieve over 180 million active users on a monthly bases from over 200 countries around the world.

Google removed 46 apps of iHandy from the Play Store. The apps removed primary featured with dominating attributes such as health apps, emoji, selfies, horoscopes, security & antivirus. The apps were estimated to have been downloaded by users on an average time of tens of millions. The most popular app that was effected was the “Sweet Camera App” that had filters and selfie beauty camera. This app alone was downloaded more than 50 million times.

Google, when initiated to remove the apps only, left eight apps of iHandy in the Paly Store. Later even three more were erased after articles begun to get published in regards to the action taken on mobile applications. At present in total 49 apps of iHandy have been removed even though Google has confirmed that their investigation is ongoing and there possible could be more exclusions that could take place in further time to come.

Google has affirmed that the exclusion of the iHandy apps is no longer monetized using Google’s ad network. As the company iHandy had filed to become a public entity that is when they had mentioned Google as one of their principal customers and this occurred in the year 2018. As an occurrence from this effect, as a result, it is assumed that Silicon Valley giant’s ad Network had consisted of iHandy as its single largest source of revenue.

Simon Zhu, who is one of the Vice President from iHandy came forth to mention in an interview that their company is continuous communication with Google and that they are collectively working towards a solution. He also said that they were hoping to have the apps restored on the Play Store. He stated, “It was an unexpected action from our point of view and that we are trying to find out the reasons for such a happening. We are hoping that the apps will return to the Play Store asap”.

He also said, “As we all know that in recent years, Google has kept on improving their policies and processes to build a healthier ecosystem for both the users and also the developers. To conclude, we are definitely willing to follow these improvements as a developer in good standing.”

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