YOLO- The world’s most Popular App said to feature few Dark Sides


There is no denying the fact of how the app industry is evolving each day. The evolution and growth in the mobile app industry are incredible as every development is extending to be of greater aid. Making it the very reason why there is almost an app for everything today. With the intense expansion of app, it is becoming hard to keep up with the industry to this point it has become a daunting task to have a preference in the apps as every app is introduced with an incredible aspect. Each time on viewing or studying the app industry there is a new trending app that is found to be highly popular around the world amongst various audiences.

Today it is no longer a difficult task to create an app and the reason for this is the extended market of the app development companies. A common factor found in succeeding and successful apps is that the apps are adaptable to both Android and iOS platforms. The present most popular app around the world is likewise residing on both media. Yolo is considered to be the newest and most popular app on a global scale. Though according to recent knowledge it has come to attention that the app Yolo is found with few flaws/ drawbacks. The app is analyzed to influence bully and some other dark aspects at great lengths.

Yolo was not advertised nor was its guide and features published at great lengths in comparison to the importance that it achieved in the market. Since the app was able to receive extensive popularity extremely quick. The growth of the app was also calculated to be much more in comparison to any other free app on mobile app stores. In the former months, the download number of Yolo was vast and it racketed ranking it to be the topmost downloaded app on either of the app stores. The ranting was estimated on a global scale making it the most popular app across the globe.

Creating an app such as Yolo was done is a special manner where it was expected to be used by the users to ask questions anonymously to the other users that are on Snapchat. The person receiving the question can respond to the question made by an anonymous person and further the question can be posted on their Snapchat Stories. This allows the followers to view the response and question. The NSPCC came forth to warn on anonymous messaging which can be a dangerous practice.

The NSPCC claimed that users can send derogatory anonymous messages that easily can influence bullying and another wrong aspect such as sending abusive content that can be used to exploit the younger audience/ children that use Snapchat. As it had been gathered by them that various and numerous other unappropriated and corrupt practices can be used via the feature of messaging anonymously through the app Yolo. The app Yolo was created through Snap Kit which was a piece of software from Snapchat. This enables the app to integrate its product (Yolo) with popular Social Networks. In this, it was Snapchat colliding with Yolo.


The app Yolo functioned allowing the user to view the request/ question and further can respond via Yolo. And as the original poster responds the replies are posted back to their Snapchat Stories. Through numerous records, anonymous platforms face the issue of online abuse which has been experienced in the past. Due to which the NSPCC’s associate head for Child Online Safety, Andy Burrows came forth to state that, “Apps such as Yolo that allow anonymous comments could be easily misused to send abusive or upsetting messages.” Further, he went on by saying, “Snapchat should justify how this app meets their duty of care to children.”

To progress in eliminating the problem from feasting ahead the NSPCC issued a warning on their Net Aware Site which is created through the link of O2 about anonymous apps. The Government also published a white paper, addressing online harm that can be implied to the younger audience. The white paper on online harm projected on introducing a mandatory duty of care for every tech and social entities to aid with regardless of where they may be located. Making it crucial for every tech company to pledge to protect their user’s details and especially children from being exploited. And if not able to follow the compliance and regulation as a consequence a penalty from the independent regulator. To this point, Snapchat has yet not passed a comment on the app Yolo.

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