5 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools For Newbies



This world is a global village”, it’s something you have learning since years but how does that impact your scope of business? As you know that technology is pacing quite fast and inventing new techniques and trends, getting a digital presence for your business is vital if you want to service. You have to get a presence and enhance your online visibility if you want to gather the attention of the target audience. You need to find out ways that can help you increase the level of productivity and make good revenues. All that is possible if you practice digital marketing effectively.

In digital marketing, five important categories play a significant role individually bringing your brand among the leading ones. You need to create campaigns and use techniques that can produce far-reaching outcomes from each one of them. Now to bring efficiency in your campaign’s performance you have to use certain tools and software to aid the functionality. Here is a list of some state-of-the-art tools that can let you enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and bring out the outcomes your desire. So, read on!


SumoMe is a tool used to carry out an analysis of the target audience. You can get to know how your users and visitors behave. The tool will give you proper insights about reading the visitor’s behavior and checking out the possibilities about how to make proper adjustments.


UberSuggest is a great search engine optimization tool that assists users in finding new highly researched and popular keywords to optimize the content. The tool comes with a pretty easy-to-use functionality that makes it easier to hunt new keywords that can improve the performance of content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the most commonly used tools to gather the most searched keywords. The great thing about the tool is that it provides guidance based on how Google crawlers will detect particular keywords and the ways one can optimize his or her content. Secondly, the tool also provides long and short-chain keywords, an entire phrase with a combination of words that can play an equally important role to optimize content. This is something, which even the people make a Wikipedia page for your business.


Buffer lets you synchronize all of your social media platforms together. You can post on thing on one of the platforms and it will be displayed on all the other with exactly same details. You do not have to spend individual time on each one of them.


Snip.ly is one of the most important digital marketing tools. It can let you add call-to-actions on your blogs and online platforms. You can even link the social media platforms with it as well. Call to actions are an important part of a website as it provides a channel top the visitors to interact with the company’s product. Therefore, do add them in the right proportion and increase the effectiveness and accessibility of your site.

Wrap Up

If you want to prosper in the digital era, you need to know the proper grounds as to what techniques can lead you to achieve the goals you are planning for. You have to look closely into learning about your target audience and finding out what their preferences are if you want to provide them with the kind of aspects they are looking for. Whether it’s about writing content or running a campaign you need to know what your audience prefers before you can come up with any plot.



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