Different Types of Animation Jobs That You Can Do Online

Different Types of Animation Jobs That You Can Do Online

The movement of pictures or objects achieved through picture manipulation using computer softwares or sketches in order to make them appear moving is what we know as animation. Animation is a wide field of work, but there are specific uses for each of them. There are hundreds of aspects, which require animation work, such as films, advertisements, games and cartoons in modern times.

Animation is more than just putting together different layouts and images frame by frame to achieve animation. It also requires extensive creative skills, as well as broad imagination. Imagination is an essential part of animation. If you think you have conventional animation skills, then below are a few types of animation jobs that you can do online.

Traditional Animation

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Traditional animation is perhaps the oldest and most famous form of animating where to create a sequence each frame is drawn or sketched. Some of the earliest forms of cartoons, advertisements were achieved using this specific type. In order to make a sequence appear smooth, images after images drawn very closely to each other.

2D Animation

2D animation is one of the earliest types of animation. 2D animation where moving sequences are fashioned through 2-dimensional vector techniques. Vector based 2D Animation started back in the late 90’s. 2D animation revolutionized the animation industry as it allowed animators to design basic appearances and physiques of characters then move them according to the scene or sequence without having to draw them frame by frame.

Adobe animation software Flash, now known as Adobe Animate, After Effects, TV paint, Cel Action are some of the most used softwares in 2D animation. Some online games and advertisements still use 2D animation until date and; even though the use of 2D animation is limited elsewhere in current age.

3D Animation

Perhaps the most commonly used and most famous type of animation these days, 3D animation is used in Games, movies, documentaries, cartoons and even some sports. The success of this type of animation in games and films is because of its core depth. As it requires accurate character or landscape information in order to create environments that are otherwise practically impossible.

One example of such would be Motion capture, as actors are filmed doing specific actions, or expressions in order to achieve deep character models. Motion Capture is a branch of 3D animation in which an actor wears a mo-cap suit, which transfers the actor’s movements and expressions to a digital character, enabling the animators to incorporate it into film or games. The use of 3D is extensive in both games and film production.

Maya, Cinema 4d and Blender are most commonly used softwares in 3D animation.

Whiteboard Animation

The most commonly used type of animation online, white board animation deals with online advertisements, public messages or tutorial videos. Vloggers and artists make whiteboard animation online to usually talk about public issues, deliver tutorials or advertise products.

Whiteboard Animation is act of achieving physical drawings or animated drawings of characters or sceneries and narrated by a voice-over or written text.

Stop Motion Animation

Another very famous form of animation, where the moving characters or sequences achieved through filming manipulated images of physical characters or sceneries. Stop motion is widely considered a traditional form of animation, as it begun in the early stages of animation. Most commonly, it was used in cartoons and films; it later on became a popular choice in advertisement.


There are many different types of services, which require animation. Such as tutorial videos, and online video advertisements respectively necessitate animating skills.

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