10 Best Woocommerce Plugins To Increase Conversion & Sales Rates

Referral system for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is now a leading e-commerce platform in the industry. People are choosing this platform because they can perform customization with it and scale it as much as they want. The number of extensions and plugins available for WooCommerce customization is great. The capability to add interesting and useful extensions and plugins to WooCommerce makes it a top choice for modern e-commerce business owners.

If you’re running an e-commerce platform powered by WooCommerce and want to increase conversion and sales, then you need to find the best plugins that can help you achieve the said goals. The issue is there are more than 50,000 plugins and it is difficult to find the best among them. In this article, you’ll find the best plugins to increase conversion and sales.


  • Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce


This is an interesting plugin because it helps to take your e-commerce platform outside your borders. If you want to take your e-commerce store to a global audience, then this is the plugin for you. Based on the user’s location, it will translate your store to the regional culture and language.

You can add 159 currencies using this plugin and it will display the currency along with the sign depending on the user’s country. You can take control of the products you want to display according to the user’s country.


  • Referral system for WooCommerce

Referral system for WooCommerce


Referral system for WooCommerce is an affiliate marketing plugin that can increase the conversions and sales rate of your e-commerce platform. It offers to introduce rewards and offers to your loyal customers. You can increase ease of use and many other features with it. This plugin will help you to engage users and let them refer your products to their friends & family and in response, they’ll get discounts and rewards. Not only it will increase your conversions & sales rate, but it’ll also build a loyal customer base at your e-commerce platform.


  • Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing for WooCommerce


It is recommended as one of the best marketing plugins for WooCommerce stores. It’ll not only increase conversions and sales rates but also offer a great marketing automation solution. This plugin enables you to create and setup promotion offers at the checkout to engage customers in more sales and building a loyal customer base. It allows sending personalized emails to your customers based on their buying behavior and pattern. You can target them with recommended products based on their previous purchases. Big data algorithms are built inside the plugin to do marketing automation.


  • WooCommerce Point & Rewards

WooCommerce Point & Rewards


WooCommerce Points & Rewards is a great way to engage customers and developing them into repeat buyers. It allows to set up all kinds of points. Customers can collect points at placing an order, referring to their friends & family, signing up for the newsletter, and leaving reviews at your products. You can set up a threshold of points at which they’ll be awarded coupons, discounts or gifts. 

This is a great way to retain customers by encouraging and motivating them to buy by giving allowing them to collect points.


  • Cart Notices

Cart Notices


Customers love free shipping and prefer to buy from platforms offering free shipping. The fact is they don’t always expect free shipping and you can surprise them by giving free shipping at specific orders. You can configure and setup notices with dynamic and actionable messages. 

You can setup notices at the cart and let them know that they can win free shipping y adding the particular worth of products. This will increase your sales and conversions. 


  • Create Targeted Header Bars with SiteKit

Create Targeted Header Bars with SiteKit


You can increase your conversions in great numbers with this plugin. This plugin enables you to create exciting header bars showing them exciting promotional offers and motivating them to buy. It appears right at the top and won’t go unnoticed and without getting the attention of your customers. You can add a click button to the header bars to navigate your customers directly to the product or sign-up form. You can sync the header theme with your store theme.


  • WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce Direct Checkout


Some stores have a tedious checkout process and turn down the buying motivation of the customer. This is one main reason the drops down the conversion and sales rate. This plugin enables you to make the checkout process very simple and negate the cart page from the buying process. You can add the “Buy Now” button to the product and the customer will directly go to the checkout page. This ensures that the customer immediately buys the product and your conversion and sales rate won’t go down. The plugin is very easy to integrate with the store.


  • Metrilo Analytics, CRM and Email 

Metrilo Analytics, CRM and Email 


You need to measure the analytics of your website and identify the customer preferences and behavior to increase the sales and conversion rate. WP panel doesn’t provide you enough analytics. This plugin provides detailed analytics that you can utilize to put into action to increase your sales and conversions.

You can track the complete performance of your store including product views, recent orders, and much more. You’ll have enough KPIs to perfect the results.


  • Improved Sales Badges for WooCommerce

Improved Sales Badges for WooCommerce


You can personalized sales badges into the interesting and clearly visible design to attract the attention of customers. You can place the badge right at the product image and it won’t go unnoticed. 

You can either show the sales badge in different forms like percentage, dollars saved, and days left in the ending of the sale. There are several badge combinations available in the plugin.


  • AffiliateWP



This plugin is an affiliate program for your WooCommerce store. This is a great tool for marketing and increasing sales of your store. This plugin allows the visitors to register as affiliates and get a commission at each sale. It’ll not only boost your sales but also helps to build a strong customer base around your e-commerce store.

You’ll get real-time reporting from this plugin and track the performance of each affiliate from the dashboard provided in the plugin.

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