How To Become An Exceptional Wiki Writer


Wikipedia page writing is an art that many want to learn but only a few have a strong grasp on. The wiki page creation industry is full of writers who don’t really know how to do the job in the right way. Most freelance wiki page writers you will come across might be a disappointment as most freelancers fail to meet the minimum requirements of the platform that will get the wiki pages approved.

To become exceptionally good at something you need to spend time on it and work hard to achieve something never goes to waste, while these things might be true but there are certain smart ways to achieve this particular goal. After years of research and reading up on thousands of articles on how to create wikis and how to get your wikis approved, we have successfully been able to summarize all the important aspects that one needs to become an exceptional wiki writer.

To become exceptionally good at wiki writing and make a Wikipedia page that will easily sail through the strict review and screening process there are certain things that a writer must be very careful about. These few things are as follows:

Know about the writing policies and guidelines: The virtual encyclopedia has a set of policies and guidelines that are needed to be followed in order to get your wikis approved. The approval of your wikis is based on how well and how thoroughly you know and implement these writing policies when writing for your wiki page. This is by far one of the most important aspects of wiki page writing that needs to be taken care of without fail. Needless to say, if you want to be exceptionally good at wiki writing then you need to have these policies and guidelines at your fingertips and you absolutely need to ensure the implementation of these guidelines while writing as well.

The concept of objectivity: If you want to have a successful career as a wiki page writer then you must learn to write objectively on the topic you have selected. If you find yourself getting inclined towards a certain idea or theory make sure to not let it distort your objectivity while you are writing for the wiki page. In layman terms, you need to keep your ideas and interests to yourself when writing for a wiki page and make sure that you meet the standards of neutrality of this platform.

If you have a conflict of interest, if you are writing on a topic that might be somewhat personal then it is highly recommended to either keep your objectivity in check or let someone else write on that topic so that your wiki page does not go against the ‘conflict of interest policy of the virtual platform. Most of the time this comes into play, when people, are either writing about their own selves or their business organizations or brands.
Don’t use any kind of promotional content: Over the past decade or so, it has been observed that various brands and business organizations have been using Wikipedia as a tool for their marketing.

And this leads them to use wiki pages to promote their brands or business organizations. If you are a seasoned wiki writer then you should be aware of the fact that the purpose of creating a wiki page is not to promote but to create awareness therefore if you, as a writer, use promotional content in your wiki page then you will undoubtedly endanger the approval of your wiki page as Wikipedia does not allow any kind of promotional or advertising content in the wiki page.

If you research on this fact a little then you will find many written pieces on the fact that will clearly tell you that even though brands and business organizations might be using wiki pages for their marketing purposes but this platform is not for promotional activities and does not allow any promotional content on the page. Even when brands use wiki pages to promote and market themselves, they usually do it in an indirect manner. Their marketing approach is more of a passive nature rather than an active one.

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