Should Your Business Need Marketing During COVID-19?

Should Your Business Need Marketing During COVID-19

Should Your Business Marketing During COVID-19 or Coronavirus? How to do it? The coronavirus crisis is having and will have a great economic and social impact in the coming months.

Even the marketing departments of large multinationals are changing their marketing strategies during COVID-19, some with big problems because a global pandemic was not among their communication crisis plans, and therefore they have to quickly improvise instead of adapt your plans and your speech

Does it require a colossal effort? Yes. Is it something negative? No. We will talk about it later, but first, we are going to analyze whether or not your business should carry out marketing and if, in addition, it should mention COVID-19 and how to do it.

Should your business talk about the coronavirus?

You have the answer in your search or click. You are reading this article on how to do marketing during COVID-19, and therefore the global pandemic affects the routine of your business just as it affects the routine of your customers. So, in times of coronavirus, it is time to be close to them, just as we have wanted to be close to you.

In contexts of crisis, confusion and confusion, information is configured as a reassuring agent.

In a new situation it is difficult to know how to act and what to do. All valuable information will always be well received. So far good. The difficult thing is how to be able to produce valuable content for your clients during COVID-19 and what your company can contribute without appearing insensitive or opportunistic.

What to talk about during COVID-19

We have already seen some companies marketing during COVID-19 through updates on the hygiene measures they are taking or communicating certain changes that have occurred in their business. But much more can be done. For example:

Your company’s services during COVID-19

How does the coronavirus affect your business and therefore your customers? Do you answer by e-mail or telephone? Are there schedule changes? Has your company joined teleworking? Are Video Animation Services or orders suspended? Can orders be reserved for when everything returns to normal? If you offer services, can you or your company work actively at this time?

Depending on the type of business you can telecommute or not, if your business has been forced into temporary closure it does not mean that marketing and communication should also stop. Take a look at the next point to know how to keep communicating. Either way, you should do marketing during COVID-19, be it paid or organic.

Information of value during the coronavirus

As we said, valuable information is key. What can your business contribute to your customers? Countless things and you can show them through marketing during COVID-19.

You don’t have to act like a newspaper or a media outlet and talk about the evolution of the virus with figures, but you can share relevant information about COVID-19. For example, pages where you can get informed correctly or share a publication that has been relevant to you. If it interests you and it fits with your corporate philosophy, your community and your customers will probably also be interested.

Do you want a more concrete and tangible example of what you can post? Good marketing practice during COVID-19 to fight the hoaxes that are spreading;

  • No, the virus is not spread by going out to clap on the balcony, the virus is spread by respiratory secretions.
  • Car insurance remains in force during COVID-19, contrary to what some WhatsApp chains say.
  • No, they have not postponed a mission to Mars due to the coronavirus, it has been for lack of the complete integration that the rover needed.

What other updates can you make on your social networks or on your blog? A compilation of websites with maps of the coronavirus.

Your company inside, branding and connection with your community

Moments of crisis can be a great opportunity to show your corporate philosophy, you’re day to day. For example, what strategies are you following to organize yourself with teleworking or the Home Office or what programs do you use.

If your company is temporarily closed, you can also talk about how you are managing the future of the company, the offers that will come and even you’re day to day and what you do to distract yourself or connect with yours.

You will connect with your community and join links by showing yourself transparent through marketing during the coronavirus by showing your human side and an X-ray of your company.

Communication tone

Without falling into the vulgar or inescapable, your marketing during coronavirus or COVID-19 must be absolutely close. Almost as if you were talking to your friends or your family. In fact, try to make a call to yours and explain what you are going to tell your audience. If they are interested, probably your community too.

Surviving the coronavirus, should I make offers?

The same goes for offers. If you make an offer it has to be good, for example the first month free, long-term discount, for months, or if you have a one-time purchase product, it must be a great discount, with a 40% or 50% discount. You can launch it through a newsletter and on your social networks.

Your target see you too, as a company, do a discount with sacrifice , as they must make the decision to sacrifice buying a product or service when their work may endanger or just before the great uncertainty.

If you can’t afford to take an action like this, prepare your future actions and let your customers know that, as soon as COVID-19 passes, your products or services will be at the bottom of the barrel.

Direct message, with name and surname

The CEO or director of the company can write a few words or make a video that is real and authentic, direct. It is not common to carry out this type of action, but the special situation requires it and your clients will value the sincerity, effort and humanity of the brand.

And remember, empathy is the most important thing to do marketing during coronavirus or COVID-19. These are moments of social responsibility, where social marketing is configured as the main axis of marketing campaigns and / or corporate communication.

Review your marketing strategy

In addition to marketing during COVID-19, now is a good time to review your marketing strategies, not only during the coronavirus but also for the rest of the year, as you will not be able to return to your previous plans: the economic impact of the virus it will continue there, the changes produced in society as well.

Here is a list of some of the elements that would be good to check:

  • Content of the website: warrant that your site contains the correct marketing messages with call to action or call to action.
  • SEO – Check the organic search rankings of your current website and optimize them for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic.
  • Content Marketing – Take advantage to generate ideas for new blog posts and start writing the next newsletter for your clients
  • Press releases and articles: think of topics that can inform the media and your clients.
  • Marketing materials: preparation of presentations, brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Social Media Engagement – Create strategies to improve social media engagement and write new case studies, white papers, and professional articles.
  • Videos, seminars and webinars: increase your video presence, whatever your industry. Start writing the story or content for your next video, seminar, or webinar.

What will marketing be like after the coronavirus?

We have talked about marketing during COVID-19, but what about after? There are three strategic phases during and after the coronavirus crisis and in relation to marketing:

Strategic phase 1: Austerity

It is the phase we are in now. In this phase, communication is put at the service of crisis management.

Strategic phase 2: Preparing for the final reactivation

It is the phase in which we should be actively working on building relationships of credibility, commitment and linkage from digital media.

Strategic phase 3: Consumer hunger

Boost communications and media to lead the market with creativity, strategy and intelligence in the post-crisis, recovery and expansion moments. Your company must be prepared for when the economy reactivates, since a new “consumer hunger” can be generated after being confined in quarantine, having thought about what is needed and what is not, in not being able to make purchases .

If you want to know more about how to marketing during COVID-19, let us know, we will gladly write another article or we can manage the marketing of your company and help you with whatever you need.

We leave you a super offer with a high quality digital marketing service with a discount for 12 months. And we wish you, above all, good health and patience.

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