How a DigiCert S/MIME Certificate’s Dual Protection Works


The Digital Signature – The virtual signature acts as a virtual identity card that most effective you possess. When you use the certificate to digitally sign your emails which will make sure that the recipient knows that the e-mail came from you, as only you’ve got the power to use that digital signature.
The End-to-End Encryption – Well, what takes place if a hacker steals your email even as in transit? We’ve got that covered too. When you use the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate, your emails are going to be encrypted. This means that a hacker won’t be ready to decipher the e-mail, ensuring that a hacker can’t get the contents of your email.
That is how S/MIME’s dual protection works to offer you a high-level, premium security solution.

DigiCert Client certificate

Take your protection to the subsequent levels protect your emails from cyber threats with the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate.
Think of what number of emails you ship a day. Now consider what number of emails your coworkers ship a day. How about a year? How many of these emails have information in them which will be used against you, your clients, or your customers? Scary, right?
That is why the DigiCert S/MIME Certificate is one of the maximum precious cyber security gear you may use.

How does it offer so much security?

It gives something we adore to call “twin protection”—the mixture of quit-to-quit encryption and virtual signatures.

Avoid These Threats

The Digicert Certificate is a device all companies want in their protection tool belt to fight the extensive range of cyber threats accessible that pose trouble for groups of all shapes and sizes. These are just a few of the threats you face without an S/MIME certificate:
Harm for your emblem call via way of means of being categorized as unsecured or unsafe
Theft of sensitive information, like financial information, customer or employee data, the property than on

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Spoofed phishing emails
  • Accidental data exposure
  • Additional Features

The DigiCert Certificate may be a highly versatile security solution and may even be used for:
Document Signing. Digitally sign documents therefore the recipient knows the document came from you and has not been tampered with. Support by the entire Microsoft Office Suite. Note: If you’re trying to find a certificate that’s Adobe-supported, we recommend the DigiCert Document Signing Certificate.
Client Authentication. Use the DigiCert client Certificate to only allow employees with a licensed client certificate to possess access to your servers/network. This is an extra steady manner to guard your community than password-primarily based authentication.

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