Attaining Long Lasting Service of Transmission Towers


    The transmission towers are the result of the unending demand for power. They are the
    largest and essential strong points of any electrical company. Providing them with
    regular solutions becomes an equally great responsibility. If not maintained regularly,
    the transmission towers get corroded and decayed. Thus, providing transmission power
    with time-honored practices increases the richness and potency for more than 20 years.

    According to a survey, many utility companies have decided to lower their funding and
    financing in transmission tower maintenance. The minimization of the fundings can double or even triple the long-term maintenance cost of the transmission towers.

    Whether we look from the perspective of money-saving or the perspective of
    maintenance services, giving regular solutions escalates the productivity of the
    transmission power. Carrying out a systematic and well-organized Utility Service & Maintenance extends the life expectancy of the apparatus. There are many cleaning solutions for the transmission tower, however, using the latest technologies can easily solve any problem related to transmission tower maintenance.

    Washing the Insulator

    Salt contamination is experienced by many utilities due to the surroundings, ultimately,
    resulting in polluted insulators. When dry, the polluted insulators do not decrease the
    insulation, but when they are wet a conductive layer is formed which leads to current leakage. So when it happens, the live-line washing method comes to the rescue. The
    live-line method can be used to avoid the initiation of current leakage. The method also includes the replacement of the older insulators with the new ones to fend off the
    repeated flashovers.

    Tower Unravelling

    Many transmission powers are unraveled with pipes and a lot of connections. The tower
    unraveling comprises the washing process by the washing crew members. The washing
    of the insulators delivers a steady stream of water, drenching and wiping away the
    sediment from the insulators.


    The transmission towers often get dust particles, rust, and other impurities over them.
    The coating is one of the cheapest and protected methods to prevent pollution in the
    transmission towers. The corrosion repellent paints hold back the corrosion and put an
    end to the entrance dust particles and melted ice water to the insulators.

    Ground Analysis

    It is rightly said that the strength of the above structure depends upon the strength of
    the ground. The same condition applies to the durability of the transmission tower. Any
    ignorance taken in maintaining the issues in the ground blocks the functioning of the
    transmission tower.

    Grid- Hardening Methods

    Replacing the old electricity lines with the new and stronger fire-resistant power lines
    improves the working of the electricity lines. The method of grid hardening also includes
    the burying of the electricity lines in some cases. The buried power lines are far more
    safer and suitable in every region than the non-buried electricity lines.

    There are several methods by which you can fasten the functioning of the transmission
    power. Highly experienced engineers and technicians can easily solve the purpose of
    their creative solutions. Increasing the efficiency of the transmission towers can give
    consumers more steady and stable electricity.

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