10 Website Content Factors You Must Check During an SEO Audit


An SEO Audit of a website (or webpage) evaluates its ability to appear on search engine results pages. The audit may identify several factors related to technical SEO, on-page SEO, user experience, content gaps etc which would be impacting a website’s (or webpage’s) search engine ranking. By conducting such an audit we can identify the issues that need to be corrected for improving a website’s (or web page’s) search rank.

It is highly recommended that one hires a capable SEO agency to conduct an SEO audit. For organisations based in the north, you can find out a list of reliable SEO agencies by searching for SEO services in Delhi on Google.

Most of you might be aware that since the Hummingbird update, content has been a crucial part of SEO. 

Let us have a look at ten website content factors that you must check during an SEO audit:

  1. Site Architecture: Great website data design ensures clients and web index crawlers can move effectively through your website. It enables your visitors to get answers to questions like, “What do I do here?” and “How do I go there?”.
  2. Mobile Readability: All your website content should be easily readable on a mobile phone and a tablet. According to a report by Statistica, in the second quarter of 2020, 51.53% of the traffic was generated by mobile phones. And if we skip this section, we will be losing a fair amount of viewers. This step is the primary spot to begin to get a moment to lift to your natural traffic levels. 
  3. Page Load Speed: Page speed is essential for users, as it affects the user experience. Pages with a more extended load time will, in general, have higher skip rates and average time on page. Compress all the images you have on your website. Also, host all the videos on YouTube or other platforms to make your website faster.
  4. Page or Post Shareability– The webpage must be equipped with social-media plugins for various platforms. Multiple plugins can be used at different web pages locations to give the user a comfortable sharing process. This factor is crucial as it is an essential watch that you can do to improve things significantly in a site’s usefulness.
  5. Error Check and Keywords Optimization Analysis: Making sure that your site is error-free is a must. You must also not forget to stuff your webpage with relevant keywords. A consummately enhanced page will focus on solitary keywords and will utilize that catchphrase in fundamental areas remembering the URL, the heading, and first passage of text. 
  6. Unique and Quality Content: Content should be your primary goal when pondering SEO. Quality content is how you connect with, engage, interact, and share your crowds’ enjoyment. We must prepare unique, interactive content as it is likewise fundamental for search engine visibility.
  7. Meta Descriptions: Checking meta portrayals is another significant piece of site SEO audits. Making a meaningful and convincing depiction and utilizing significant catchphrases can improve a given page’s active clicking factor.
  8. Check on visual attractiveness: We must gather the reader’s attention through graphics, themes, thumbnails, images, etc. Visual content and context must be unique because that is the element that will separate you from the rest, making you exclusive and particular.
  9. Unwanted interstitials and numerous pop-up ads: Google announced that webpages, where content is not readily available to the user, might not rank highly. Those interstitials may include pop-ups that cover up the main content, various irrelevant advertisements, etc. 
  10. Fact Check: Google’s algorithm changes very frequently and abruptly. So, there is always a chance that the reliability of web content can affect webpages’ rank. Sharing accurate facts and details can not only help webpages land an incredible rank and visitors but also make your readers trust you for the information you provide.

By availing of SEO services in Delhi you could conduct a thorough SEO audit of your website. It is highly recommended that you conduct a third-party SEO audit periodically to verify whether your existing SEO partner or resource is doing a good job.


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