Ideas For Creating Digital Animations

Digital Animations

An animated message is worth a thousand words: it’s time to find out what digital offers in marketing or e-learning. But don’t settle for just anything, better get out of the crowd: here are the ideas to create digital animations that hit the mark.

The 6 goals you can achieve thanks to digital animations

The presentation of your latest project makes you yawn, too long and boring. Your business logo needs “movement” to get more noticed. You have decided to start the tutorials of your dreams, but you don’t know how to launch yourself on the web. You are a teacher dealing with e-learning and you want to capture the attention of your students in DAD (Distance learning). Forget the old communication, it’s time to enter the web through the front door! In times of distancing, the top is given by digital animations.

You have seen hundreds of them, browsing on your computer or mobile device. You like them and want to use them. But what they consist of and above all how to create them still escapes you. Digital animations are a smart edition of the “top children’s book illustrators” video, which tells a story using audio and images associated with content. Or they are a flash version of the slide show, with written and spoken comments. In digital animations, speech and sound are reduced to a minimum, since the watchword is: synthesis. Which does not mean limiting the content, but communicating it quickly with images that move, in a time that can be even a few seconds. Here’s what you can do in the Covid era with a digital animation:

  • Explain a service to the public on a prominent display in a venue
  • Give the right tips to students in DAD, when assigning a task in e-learning
  • Show the instructions for use to the customer who buys from your e-commerce site
  • Remotely convince investors that your start-up is a winner
  • Capture new customers with a new dynamic logo that travels on social media
  • Put your personal tutorials online and set them apart from the crowd

Synthesizing important content and associating it with a dynamic image is a complex job, you can’t do it all by yourself. You need to relate to a freelance professional. After explaining what you want to communicate and why, the expert studies the target and builds the digital animation. Find out below everything you need to know to choose the best option.

What can you do with digital animations?

Digital animations convince you. But you don’t know where to start to create one. Don’t be discouraged, first of all know that there are dumpoir various options to choose from, one for each goal you set yourself. Here they are:

  • Motion graphics to give clear instructions in 30 seconds maximum
  • Video tutorials and ” how to ” of a couple of minutes, to be launched on the web
  • Presentations with animated images, to “give a move” to your website or your blog
  • A few seconds gif of your Logo, to share on your social pages
  • Animated photo galleries that “browse” the portfolio of the works created and procure engagements
  • Food videos that describe how your fantastic recipes are made in a few steps
  • Synthetic presentations of start-ups or new business projects to be transmitted via video call to distant partners
  • Advertising mini-clips of your business that go viral on the Facebook business page
  • Miniclip comic, dynamic designs or slide in PowerPoint, illustrating lecture to students in e-learning and DAD

Digital animations in 2D, 3D or …

Choosing the shape, green light to choose the technique to use for your digital animations. An experienced professional offers you very different strategic solutions.

1) The 2D flat animation

Take advantage of images photographed or drawn and displayed in sequence, in order to have the effect of movement. When animation is so simple 123series website, the Adobe Flash program is used: it is ideal for traditional comics, tutorials, video lessons, simple communication without great special effects.

2) 3D animation

Take advantage of the depth of the image. It’s called 3D animation and it manages to reproduce reality even going much further. Invent surprising special effects by means of colors, textures and movement ” rigging “, to obtain real films and cartoons.

3) The Morph target animation

In the field of 3D digital animation, Morph target animation builds the facial expressions and gestures of the human body. Used to create video game characters and advertising avatars that experience human situations.

4) The Skeletal animation

The most used technique in the world of design and architecture is Skeletal animation because it builds the dynamic skeleton of the object and then covers it with its realistic appearance. Great for briefly presenting a project to the client.

5) Motion capture

For fluid and realistic animations, the ideal is Motion capture, a technique that reproduces movement through the use of multiple cameras. Used for high-end digital animations, it wows the shopper in business presentations.

Now that you know all about the coolest digital animation techniques, you need some ideas for your custom digital animations. Here are examples that work – maybe they inspire you to come up with new messages and breakthrough in your business.

What’s Around: Here are ideas to create digital animations and succeed

  1. Let’s start with a digital animation created by Silvia Bore for the Penguin publishing house. In times of lockdown, one of the few free time activities allowed is reading: Penguin didn’t miss the opportunity to recommend his books to Millennials and set advertising as a travel experience. The result is a one-minute and 15-second video with 2D images, mixed with reworked real footage and special effects. There is no shortage of brightly colored 3D drawings, which recreate the avatar of a teenage Nerd. The images of this extraordinary journey into reading have a musical background and a persuasive commentary, which is entrusted with the call to action finale: “So, open the book! “.
  2. Noteworthy is the mini clip by Benetton, the famous brand of “solid colors” which recovers the starting mood by adding perfumes. Digital animation is dedicated to people with visual impairment who cannot see the colors of their clothes. So no shopping? Absolutely not. Just go to a Benetton Store and associate each color, already written in Braille on the label, with a perfume, also produced by the brand. In 47 seconds Benetton explains its “olfactory identity” in the name of inclusiveness, the brand’s workhorse. And he launches his perfumes, using realistic footage, special effects and animated 2D writings. Audio is a simple musical commentary.
  3. The classic Nike Logo is dynamic in many versions on the web, but perhaps the most intriguing is this. Made with trash flash, it superimposes two images for a fraction of a second, which glue the eye on the brand, giving a real shock. The dark background highlights the colors of the writing in shades of blue and red. The exploding asteroid effect is achieved with the image made of white light, projected onto the blue, slightly rotated.
  4. The Ministry of Health’s anti-Covid instructions for children are digital animations posted on YouTube. They last a little over a minute and work great. They use 2D images, simple drawings, familiar sounds and markings, bright colors. The final call to action is up to the avatar of a teacher.

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