SEO Trends for 2021: What You Should Keep In Mind


The turn of the decade also modifies the rules of the game when it comes to SEO trends. SEO experts know very well that google likes to tweak its algorithm from time to time and fine-tune searches to make it harder to find a pattern. This year many surprises await us in terms of web positioning; the increased importance of semantic searches or voice search as the main starting point.

The Importance of Featured Excerpts among SEO Trends

The snippets are giving a lot of talk in recent years and, in a way, all experts in trends SEO are going crazy because their customers can position themselves in this place by gourmand searches on Google. Don’t you know what we mean? If you enter Google and request information about, for example, “the healthiest foods”, all the results will appear, but before them, you will find a sample of a list. One of the SEO trends for 2021 will be precisely trying to be in this first position.

The snippets highlights follow certain guidelines such as the use of a simple, grammatically correct and ortho typo graphical language list and many additional features such as clarity in language. This is one of the SEO trends that can position the website of a business the most since it will also appear in voice searches that we will talk about below.

Mobile and voice search, Crisis in traditional SEO trends?

The SEO trends that started the debate long before snippets were mobile optimization and voice search. Mobile optimization had already been implemented with responsive designs but the truth is that most web pages are still directed towards web optimization for PC. If in 2020 70% of users entered the Internet through their mobile phone, in 2021 this SEO trend will continue.

A novelty compared to previous years is that voice search is gaining ground on manual search. The landing of Alexa and other remote control systems have managed to move us forward a few years and, incidentally, that SEO experts have to rack their brains. And it is that users who search by voice only receive one response, the first from the Google network.

SEO and SEM in 2021: a winning combination

The SEO trends that we have described work only half as the businesses for which SEO experts work are not always large multinationals with millions of euros of budget to invest in positioning. We compete against the “older” and the fairest way to do it is to invest what we can in SEM both on social networks and in Google’s own network.

To do this, professional Google Ads management is essential. So will having a digital presence and a previous online reputation so as not to waste money. Social Ads can help your animated explainer video company have greater online visibility while Google ads can increase direct sales from an online store. The winning combination will therefore be combining SEO and SEM.

Finally, we must emphasize that SEO takes time. It is very difficult for a web positioning campaign to last less than 6 months. All that said, good web positioning will help you keep the customer close to you in the consideration and purchase stages.

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