Seven hacks to beat your digital marketing competitor


Undoubtedly, digital marketing is the future of the business world. However, with so many companies and entrepreneurs making a switch towards digital marketing, the competition rises as a result.

This aggressive competition can often prove to be deadly for many beginners and even experienced digital marketers. It’s even more challenging to keep up with the competition due to digital marketing’s increasingly complicated strategies.

There are tiny details that often remain hidden, causing a considerable lag in ranking high in the SERPs. As the global business structure is getting digitized, companies are relying heavily on online marketing.

Therefore, sooner or later, you will have to step into the world of digital marketing and compete with millions of other marketers. However, by implementing these seven hacks to your online business, you’ll ensure to keep up with the competition.

Let’s not spare a minute and begin with our essential learning experience.


Backlinks get formed when other websites place links to your website in their content. Backlinks are an essential part of effective SEO. Your website gains more exposure and visibility as a result of quality backlinks in a reasonable quantity.

The reason is more people will be able to see your website when it’s connected to theirs.

However, for effective use of backlinks, it’s necessary to analyze them, helping you find better linking opportunities. It’s worth understanding that backlinks do not always deliver benefits, as some can be backfiring too in case of wrong selection or placement.

Hence, it’s best to do your research in the best possible ways. As a one-stop solution, you can check backlinks with this tool to get detailed insights into backlink tracking via dedicated reports.

The best thing about backlinks is that they are not yet popular amongst digital marketers, despite their advantages. 66.31% of pages across the internet have no backlinks at all.

You won’t find them overwhelming competition in backlinks and can conveniently develop an effective linking strategy. It will give you an advantage over half of the digital marketers on the internet, which is an outstanding achievement.


Analyzing and learning from your competitors is one of the smartest ways to stay ahead of the competition. You can turn their weapons into your benefit.

However, first, you will need to identify your opponents to avoid wasting time on other digital marketers. You can do this by finding online businesses similar to yours and pick the most popular ones, as they pose the greatest danger and have a lot to research.

Once you’ve identified them, you can start studying them to discover their strategies to keep up with the competition. Implement these strategies on your website if you find them useful.

For example, a competitor’s website can often be a keyword treasure, which you should take advantage of right away.


Social media has acquired the attention of billions of people worldwide, making it perfect to increase your visibility and popularity.

Around 3.8 billion people use social media regularly. Using paid ads or other similar techniques to increase brand visibility can often be quite disappointing, as it wastes too much money and time.

Social media serves as a much more effective alternative. Suppose you use social media marketing strategies, such as advertisements and targeted content. In that case, you will observe a rapid boost in your web traffic levels.

In addition to this, you will also develop a better relationship with the users.


While competitive research holds significant importance, you should not overlook the analysis of your website.

Many digital marketers often only observe their opponents and start to implement strategies. However, this can have disastrous effects on their websites. Brands must not be following strategies without a goal or a purpose, almost blindly. Most importantly, they will be unaware of the effects of their plan.

Therefore, you should always keep your website under close observation to see the results, like new keywords and backlinks.


Regardless of your opponent’s approach, a reputable page will always provide its reader with essential information.

Many website developers spend a lot of time on advertisements and create useless content. Such websites are bound to fall behind in this competition, as people make sure they don’t revisit their websites. In this particular situation, quality is much more important than quantity, so make sure it’s up to the mark.

For this purpose, it&’s best to keep an eye out for exciting topics relevant to your website’s genre. You can also take some ideas from your competitors.


SEO is always changing as marketers develop new strategies throughout the year. If you stick with outdated SEO techniques, your website won’t make it to SERPs high rank, unlike your competitors.

As a result, your website will suffer huge losses. However, you can secure yourself on the first page by keeping yourself updated with new SEO strategies to implement on your website.


Attracting more audience is the primary goal of digital marketers. However, due to a mediocre user experience, most of the audience will prefer to leave the website. Often a high-quality content is not enough to retain users.

For example, if your website’s loading speed is slow, viewers will get frustrated. You need to enhance your website’s user experience by decreasing loading speeds, incorporating internal links, and making it more user friendly.


Undoubtedly, the competition can prove to be quite overwhelming for most digital marketers. Still, with a strong determination, it’s possible to keep up.

Creating strategic roadmaps after analyzing all the factors is inevitable for business growth. Digital marketing is a dynamic field, and constant improvisation will fuel the process for desired gains.

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