Content Is The King: What You Must Know And Why


The phrase, ‘Content is King‘ was first used by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, in a
publication back in 1996. And ever since it is being used as a staple statement, especially
in the world of online marketing.

Perhaps, somehow, it is quite obvious, since the only interaction that an online user has
with any entity online is through its content.

To put this into perspective, it is rather suggested that you stay around and know for
yourself, what does this statement mean, and why you must keep the content at the center
of your marketing plans.

How does Content help with Marketing?

The success of any online effort largely depends on how well the message is being communicated with the target audience.

In simple terms, the only way that you can interact with your target audience online is
through words. You cannot physically meet them to convince or convert the sales, otherwise.

The better it reads, the more chances are that your audience would go through it. And,
notably, prominent search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo all pay attention to the
quality of what you publish on your website.

How to measure quality?

There is no straightforward definition of the quality matrix. It all depends on what you
need to get out of your publication. For instance, if you wish to bring in sales for your
business, you may need content with relevant terms that could drive users to purchase a
particular product or service.

To put it simply, there are several aspects to high-quality content, and they depend on the
target to be achieved. For example, if you wish to gain more readers for your newspaper,
you need to stay up to date with the latest happenings. Perhaps, you would also need to
specify to the search engines, that your website is a newsroom portal. And all these tags
will help your content reach its target audience.

Why you must Invest in High-Quality Content?

Now, that you know what does high-quality content mean, it makes sense to know why
you must invest in it. It helps create brand awareness

A good quality piece, as already mentioned, is well-targeted to the audience. For
instance, if you administrate an eCommerce website that sells designer apparel for
women only, you need pieces that target the same.

Targeting men won’t bring in much value for your business.

It is well said that setting up a target for the content to be published can help create
awareness about your brand. In other words, the more users go through your publication,
the more they know about your brand, products, and services.

Gains better SERP rankings

Another positive result that only good content can bring in for your marketing efforts, is
better SERP rankings.

As it is already mentioned, the prominent search engines prefer quality while ranking for
any search results.

The search engines take into account the time a user spends on a page- known as dwell
time. This is then used to determine how much a piece of content is appreciated by the
users. And therefore, helps rank better in SERP rankings.

Real-time progress monitoring

One of the most remarkable benefits of using high-quality content for your marketing
efforts is that you can monitor the progress in real-time.

Perhaps, you can know how many users read your piece, how many of them liked it or
shared it, and then how many are likely to read it.

You can also track where a user clicks on the pages and what they do before and after
landing on your content. All of this data can help fortify your marketing plans. Thus, help
you gain better leads for your business.

Whether you’re into online marketing or plan to take your business online, you simply
cannot ignore the importance of high-quality content. Perhaps, Bill Gates was right in
saying that content is the king online, as it is the only way to get in touch with the target

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