Homeland Streaming – Watch Homeland for Free (Season 8) With a VPN!!


Homeland is an American psychological TV series that has also found incredible success in our country. Which is why there is so much interest around Homeland streaming and how to watch the series without paying a subscription.


The sites where to watch Homeland streaming are many, both in our country and abroad. But have you ever wondered how safe these sites are? What do you risk when you watch Homeland online for free?

In this article we show you where you can watch Homeland streaming but, above all, how to do it without risking anything using a USA VPN service.

There is no doubt that the events of Sergeant Nicholas Brody and CIA agent Carrie Matheson have bewitched the Italian public. Focused on the relationship between a CIA agent and a Marine sniper. Who wouldn’t want to know how events will develop?

Previewing homeland for free is not that difficult. Doing this while protecting your privacy and avoiding legal problems, however, requires a minimum of attention.

Homeland 8 – When in Italy?

This is the question that is gripping all fans anxiously awaiting the debut in Italy of Homeland 8 (unfortunately it will be the season that will mark the end of the glorious series.)

The news is now confirmed that Homeland season 8 will arrive in Italy in the fall.

Do you really have to wait that long to know the epilogue of the story? Is it possible to preview Homeland 8 now?

The answer will make fans happy. It is already possible to see the 8 series in preview from Italy. In any case, you can get ready to watch Homeland streaming in total safety as soon as it is available in Italy.

In Italy there are several providers to rely on to see the episodes, but none of them allow you to follow them for free. Also, none of these providers will give you access to the Homeland preview.

However, if you activate a VPN, you can unblock several foreign streams where you can follow all the episodes you want without paying a cent and even a preview. A VPN allows you to use even the many Italian streaming sites without risking legal complications.

Why Use a VPN for Homeland Streaming?

If you don’t know what a VPN connection is, here’s some quick information on it.

VPNs are software that are meant to protect your sensitive data while browsing the internet. For this purpose, the VPN encrypts all your data making you anonymous while browsing.

This way, you can rest assured that you are browsing online safe from hacker attacks or government agencies.

Additionally, the VPN masks your real IP address by replacing it with one assigned by the VPN server. Servers can be located anywhere in the world by assigning you an IP address from the country where the server is located. This way you can appear as connected from anywhere in the world while still being in Italy.

It is these two features that make a VPN the perfect tool for previewing Homeland streaming without taking risks.

Many users follow Homeland on sites such as Altadefinizione, Guardaserie, and Euro streaming and similar. Be very careful!

Have you noticed that these sites are often blacked out? The reason for the blackout is because they are illegal. As a result, following Homeland on these platforms is tantamount to committing a crime and you could be prosecuted.

While you find a lot of comments online calling these sites safe, in fact they are not. In the event of an interception, you could face a copyright infringement penalty.

It would always be a good idea not to use these illegal sites, but if you decide to do so, never forget to activate a VPN before connecting. This way you will be invisible and no one will know that you are using copyrighted content.

Alternatively, you can use a VPN to access overseas streaming sites that would otherwise be blocked. On many of these sites, you can watch Homeland for free without breaking the law.

Where to Watch Homeland Streaming Free

Channel 4 – UK

Follow Homeland on Channel 4

The UK channel, Channel 4, holds the rights to broadcast every episode of Homeland after the US airs. Thanks to its All 4 online platform you can see each episode with just one click.

Unfortunately, this service is only for UK residents. You can use a VPN to overcome this problem. Once the VPN is activated, connect to a server in Great Britain. This will disguise your IP address and you will be connected from the UK. This simple trick is all it takes to bypass copyrighted geolocation.

Reddit – Link Nonofficial

Reddit links not recommended

Reddit is a huge community that has hundreds of links on it. By accessing the website you can find everything you need to see Homeland episodes through unofficial services.


Recommended VPNs to Watch the New Season of Homeland

We have selected some of the VPNs that offer the best performance for watching streaming content.

What these VPNs have in common is the availability of a large network of servers, many of them in the UK to access Channel4.

Another important factor is the connection speed. The Homeland VPNs mentioned below don’t slow down your connection excessively and allow you to stream content without interruption.

While these VPNs are paid, please note that a VPN does more than just allow you to watch Homeland streams. A VPN unblocks a staggering amount of online content that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit. More importantly, the VPN protects you from identity theft, hacking attacks, spying on your data, and more.

A VPN is a small investment that any savvy internet user should make.

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