Easy Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Business

Easy Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Business

When a business is launched in a market, it is already tied up with many expectations from the customers. From giving the right products to having a smooth supply chain, everything is a huge challenge and everything has to be catered to wisely. However, one thing that supports the working of the business by giving it the right audience attention is marketing. 

Marketing is indeed the backbone of a business. No business can grow in the industry let alone survive without the right marketing strategies. However, today when everything has turned digital, businesses have also opted for digital marketing. There are multiple strategies that a business follows, however, one of the major strategies is to have a Wikipedia page for the business. A Wikipedia page adds worth and credibility to the business by making it appear on the world’s largest information-providing site. 

Wikipedia has become a need of businesses today and hence every business spends a good amount of money on them either for creation services, Wikipedia editor services, or even page maintenance services. However, if you are a low-budget business that needs to have a Wikipedia page, then this guide is for you to read. 

Know Your Purpose 

Before you start with anything, ask yourself why do you want to make a Wikipedia page. Does your business need it? How will it impact your perception of the market? How do you want your customers to react to it? What are your expectations in form of revenues getting from the page etc.? Make sure you answer everything before you opt for the account. 

Create the Wikipedia Account

Now here is the thing, if like a lot of people out there you think that a Wikipedia page and an account are the same thing, then you are absolutely wrong. In the process of how to create a Wikipedia page, the page is the last step, whereas an account will be the first. You need to have an appearance on the platform with the account. Take an example of making food, you have to gather the ingredients first in order to start the process. A wiki account is just like it. It is the key for you to access this huge platform. 

Time to Build Reputation On the Platform 

Carrying forward the example of food, when you have the ingredients, you are supposed to prep for the food before you just dump all the ingredients in the pan. There is absolutely a pattern to follow. Hence, when you are on Wikipedia, you need to create a reputation in order to gain approval in the future. You will have to do edits on multiple relevant accounts. You at least need to have 7 authentic edits and a 4 days old account before you opt for the next step. 

Check for the Red Link 

Now since you are done with all the homework, you have to check for the availability of the title through the red link. All you need to check if the title you are suggesting is unique or no. If it is unique, it will appear to be red upon inserting it in the search bar. However, if it is not, then the link will turn blue, which means that the page title already exists. 

Move to the Ask for the Page to be Created 

When you search for the red link, you will see an option of “Ask for the page to be created”. All you have to do is click on the tab and get started with the process. 

Write the Content 

Once you click on a tab, you will see the next window for content popping up. You are required to add content to it. You can either write the content directly on there or work on the Article Wizard part on the site. Article Wizard allows you to practice writing before the final submission. 

Post the Content and Submit the Page 

Once you have everything written down, you need to post the content and then submit the page for approval. The process of approval usually takes about three to six months. 

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