How has marketing changed over the past few years? Let’s find out!


Some fun facts about marketing

  • The concept of marketing came into existence during the industrial revolution.
  • Promoting your business through influencers is increasing tremendously. And now this industry is approximately 1 billion dollars on Instagram.
  • On average, a customer only pays attention for 8 seconds and shifts to another website
    or page.
  • Now only 20 to 25% of the budget is spent on traditional methods.
  • Facebook is still the most preferred tool for B2B and B2C marketing.

Although it’s been hundreds of years since people started promoting their products, along with time, the promotion technique has also evolved immensely. Unlike the old days, it is now easy to talk to new customers and influence them. However, it is also true that the level of competition has also increased significantly in recent years. That’s why customer retention has become more challenging than before.

Nonetheless, some of the traditional methods of promotions are still relevant and crucial for
growing the business. Especially for the new entrepreneurs, it will be a foolish decision to ignore the old techniques. As they are and will stay a strong foundation for the business.

However, before we tell you what promotion technique is suitable for your business, it is crucial to understand them. Widely these are divided into two categories, i.e., Traditional and modern. So, let’s learn about them to know how marketing has evolved over the years. And also to understand their usage in the current times for your business.

Are you ready for this rollercoaster of past to present? We see you are nodding your head. So, let’s get started!

Traditional methods

First of all, let us clarify to you that we are not talking about the age-old methods of going door to door for selling your products. By traditional methods, we mean techniques used in the 20th century and those which still play a crucial role in brand awareness.

Billboard advertising

First on our list is billboard advertising. Do you remember your childhood days when brands used to advertise their product and services on hoardings? Those big hoardings significantly impacted customers’ minds as they act as a constant reminder for them.

Generally, these are placed in crowded areas to grab the attention of every person. It is a great way to build a brand image; that’s the reason why this technique is still effective. However, after digitalization, you can also do video advertisements on billboards rather than regular designs.

Another benefit of billboards is that it targets the particular audience of an area. Hence, helping in capturing local customers.

Using prints

The next method on the list is the use of print, i.e., newspapers and magazines. Before social media came into existence, people got to know about a new company or product through newspapers.

People tend to believe that every piece of information in the newspaper is accurate and for their benefit. Those brands who advertise their products in newspapers earned the trust of the target audience. In current times as well, this technique of promotion hasn’t changed much. The only change is that rather than purchasing the hardcopy, people read them online on the news portals or e-paper.

Modern methods

What marketing techniques come to your head when you read the word modern methods?
Digital marketing? That’s absolutely correct! Thus, now we’ll talk about how the internet has changed the way brands do their promotions.


Earlier, people used to read newspapers, and now they go to google to get the information they need. But there are millions of websites on the internet. So how will your target audience get to know about your brand? The answer is by using SEO. The experts at Design ME Marketing opines that your customers will get to know what you have to offer by using SEO. It enhances brand visibility and allows businesses to improve their reach.
Right now, SEO is one of the crucial parts of marketing. So if your company is not putting effort into it, it will become challenging for business survival.

Email marketing

In the old times, marketers used to give pamphlets to people to tell them about the company. Email marketing is similar to that. However, instead of bothering the uninterested ones, email marketing targets the customers who are actually interested in the product. They have used it, and now it is up to your skills on how you can convince them to use them again. Your target customers have shown their interest in your product or service by signing up for the service. Everything depends upon the content you provide them that turns them loyal to you.

Thus you need to work on using a good copy for grabbing their attention instantly.
Social media campaigns

Almost every person has a smartphone. And on their mobile devices, you’ll find at least one
social media application. It has become their method of communication. That’s why brands are using this method of communication for selling their products. Having a social media account and posting interesting content is vital for engaging the audience.
Well, we can’t forget the fact there are several features provided on the platforms that make it easy to engage them with the brand. But it is also true that if you are not consistent and fail to give information to the audience, you might lose them.


The last method on our list is PPC (Pay Per Click). Just like paying for the advertisements on newspapers and billboards, now you can pay for advertising your product on online platforms, specifically search engines. It is the easiest and most effective way to get website traffic.

That’s not it! But you get instant results of the highest conversion rate. That means you can get on top of your competition by selling more products.

To Sum It All Up!

The journey of marketing has been very elevating. And you know what the best part of it is?
Even if it has been changed tremendously, you can still take the benefits of old techniques. In fact, you can incorporate both categories and use their features to start a great campaign for your business. So without further ado, you should get started with planning a new campaign!

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