What is plagiarism and how to detect it with a Duplicate Content Checker?


Duplicate content is one of the most drastic ones. It can decline the graph of success quite pathetically. Indeed, a single plagiarized article published on the website can lead to a falling in website ranking.

Hence, it is optimally necessary to consider using the plagiarism checker. Moreover, it is the one that has the excellent capability to figure out duplicate content. You can remove it before publishing the article on
the website.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is also known as duplication. Indeed, it indicates stealing the copying of other authors and presenting it to be your own. Hence, it is also called an unethical approach which must be avoided as
much as possible. Writers strive hard to avoid plagiarism in their content. Plagiarism is a violation that may be either intentional or unintentional.

Yes, it can be unintentional as the risk of matching the content with others is also there. However, the main reason for this high-risk level is that there is lots of content flooded on the internet. Hence, one should always consider playing the cards safely. So, the rational approach is to check the duplication in
the content every time to prevent future issues.

Why Prevent Plagiarism?

Websites attract the masses towards it through publishing useful and unique content. No one wishes to read the same everywhere. The unique and fresh content is a fascinating one. It helps in gluing the
masses to the site for longer. Hence, the website businesses generate extreme value and success.

On the contrary, the duplication in the content proves harmful. It attacks the reputation of the website
and leads to copyright claims. Therefore, it is mandatory to prevent plagiarism not only for the website business but also for academic writing. Students submitting the plagiarized assignments have to face the music. The most severe consequence
that students have to suffer is expulsion from the institution. On the other hand, all the assignments, thesis, projects, and dissertations with zero plagiarism percentage gain excellent grades.

Most Useful Plagiarism Detection Tool

Plagiarism checkers are quite numerous. However, it is significant to only rely on those which offer quality outcomes. The performance and quality of the plagiarism test matter a lot. The most reliable and
flawless plagiarism detection tools are:

  • SearchEngineReports Plagiarism Checker
  • Duplichecker
  • SmallSEOTools

SearchEngineReport’s Plagiarism checker

This plagiarism checker is the one that deeply analyzes the content. It ensures to provide a detailed report for the similarity index. The least to zero similarity index highlights quality content. The most
stunning benefit of using this prestigious plagiarism checker free is that it does not share the content
with others. Hence, the user gets optimum security of the content. Gone are the days when the user has to suffer from interruption due to ads. It prevents the ads and offers accurate reports instantly.


The plagiarism checker of Duplichecker comes up with an excellent user interface. Using it is quite marvelous! It speedily provides the outcomes and highlights the copied phrases and sentences.
Moreover, it offers the flexibility to check out about 1000 words with ease. With the pro features, the
user benefits from checking up to 10,000 words without any hassle.


SmallSEOTools offers the Plagiarism checker with multiple language support. Users can use it on any of the devices they like. It reveals both levels of uniqueness and level of duplication. Hence, the user can remove those lines, combinations of words, or phrases with ease. Improving writing is possible when such AI tools are used.

Step to Use Plagiarism Checker

The ease to use the plagiarism tool adds more charm to it. The method for checking plagiarism is super easy. It includes the following steps, which you can commence right after ensuring your internet connection:

  1. Open up the plagiarism checker tool
  2. Now, upload the content in the duplication checker. You can upload it through one of the following ways:
  3. Upload file directly
  4. Enter web page URL
  5. Copy Paste content
  6. Now, click on the button of Check Plagiarism
  7. Wait a little bit! It will initiate the analysis process and provide a detailed report. The result includes the percentage of duplication in the content. Here, the green color will indicate the uniqueness of the content, while the right color will indicate duplication.
  8. Save the detailed report on your device by clicking the download button. Then, you can share it with the writer or student to let him know the level of duplication he is having had in his write-up.


The high accessibility of the plagiarism checker makes it a wonderful tool. The free-of-cost feature saves precious money. Scanning of the content against millions of web pages leads to outstanding and in-depth
results. Keep on improving your website ranking and compete with other websites quite easily using this stunning approach. Checking the plagiarism of all web pages is possible as it does not limit the use.
Hence, look for the flaws in your site through using such beneficial SEO online tools.

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